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New York’s Statewide COVID-19 Relief Efforts

From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York state has taken swift and extension action to flatten the curve in their community. Because of these strict stay-at-home orders, the state developed programs to feed their citizens even if they can’t return to work, don’t have the money or ability to shop for themselves, and don’t have access to any other resources. The Get Food NYC program, according to the tagline, is designed to make sure that every New Yorker has access to “COVID-19 emergency food distribution.”

The relief program’s landing page links visitors to resources, food pantries and similar charitable organizations, and more.


Food Supply Match

People still struggle to find groceries, especially fresh produce, on shelves at the market. Get Food NYC wants to connect distribution channels to residents so that these suppliers can unload excess food that they have but can’t sell, since so many of their usual buyers are out of business or at least running on extremely reduced operations. They can unload their extra inventory while helping out individuals who need fresh produce, but might not have the time or money to buy these ingredients.

State assistance doesn’t stop once the groceries are on the table. They’re also connecting New York’s chefs with the public: These top quality cooks offer tips to people preparing meals at home learn how to make the most of what’s in their pantry. Make your quarantine a little more delicious with videos from Jake Cohen, Mike Anthony, Sophia Roe and Deb Perelman.

NYC Food Delivery Assistance

To encourage social distancing and further assist people unable to leave home, Get Food NYC started a delivery program. Eligible persons who can’t go to the market or receive their own delivery can apply for emergency meal delivery from the state.

Those who can buy their own groceries can reference a list of delivery and produce resources. Along with a directory of home delivery platforms both local and national, Get Food NYC provides an alphabetized list of resources including a map of community supported agriculture, national online retailers and meal subscription services. They also take care to mention additional information such as stores that open early for seniors, if a store is partnered with a certain app, and organizations that only deliver to a certain area or a few select boroughs.


When you need more assistance than Get Food NYC can provide, you can follow some of their links to determine eligibility for alternative assistance programs such as SNAP, WIC and Cash Assistance. They redirect visitors to a myriad of options that can assist New Yorkers regardless of immigration status, employment status and whether they’re receiving other benefits or not.

These supplementary options are available through official government websites to ensure the best assistance program to fit individual needs, while also providing the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 and related state mandates.


People can donate to the program whether it’s food, money, supplies or time that they offer. You can find chances to volunteer, donate through the organization or locate partnership opportunities through their Partners in Preparedness program which supplies organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to remain safe in an emergency.

Unlike many relief programs, Get Food NYC accepts medical supplies to support the efforts and lack of resources in healthcare facilities around the city. They’re also asking healthcare workers to volunteer their services, even offering to pay for flights and hotels for out-of-state workers who can travel to help. Non-healthcare workers can volunteer with New York Cares, a massive statewide volunteer organization supporting nonprofits and schools around New York.

Locate additional tools for individuals and organizations. For example, people can find resources regarding employment, food, health and medical assistance, help with rent or housing, emotional and spiritual support, financial assistance and more. You can even get help with issues like wifi, animal welfare, veterans’ and disability services. Organizations can use these links to connect with nonprofits that assist with COVID-19 related activities such as coordinating volunteers and implementing safety guidelines; small businesses can get help with loans, grants and the Paycheck Protection Program; and they can find resources for questions, contacts, help with funerals and much more. The Get Food NYC website has compiled an extensive list of resources to help people affected by the COVID-19 crisis in every possible way.


According to the official New York government website, city programs have provided over 12M meals since the crisis began. As the pandemic continues to guide statewide activity and New Yorkers stay locked down in compliance with official guidelines, the state will provide residents with the basic necessities they need to survive and stay safe.

Check out their website for more information on the resources available to you as well as other ways you can get and receive help. These efforts won’t stop until the pandemic is over, and every New Yorker deserves a warm meal tonight.


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