• Maya

Need to Improve Workforce Management in Your Restaurant?

Restaurants rely on outstanding customer service provided by waitstaff, excellent cooking from the kitchen and seamless teamwork between the front and back of house. The better you can manage your employees, the more effectively you can leverage their skills to create a more efficient and productive workplace.

eatOS makes workforce management simple. Our Point of Sale and associated devices let you view and manage your staff from any screen connected to your network; with the right settings, you can even access that information from anywhere there’s internet—as long as you have the right managerial permissions. You don’t have to physically go to your restaurant to view the productivity of your workforce. Say goodbye to micromanagement and hello to a more independent but more effective team.


It’s never been easier to handle your staff’s time. With eatOS soft- and hardware, you can handle time off and vacation requests as well as track absences from one comprehensive staff calendar. Creating schedules has also never been easier: eatOS is integrated with 7Shifts, a superior scheduling system that lets employees view and trade shifts with each other without managerial input, so you can focus less on that and more on providing a superior customer experience. Streamline a busy restaurant with unbeatable eatOS features.

GPS Tracking

Employees will have an easier time at work with eatOS management capabilities too. Clock in and out with ease from any smartphone so they don’t have to muscle through a busy floor to start their shift; instead staff members just need to go on the app. eatOS also reduces timecard fraud because our geofencing capabilities make it impossible to clock in when they’re not on the premises.

Employee Management

eatOS allows management to make profiles for all their staff members. Set schedules for each individual worker, manage the status of each team member, set time-off permissions and keep track of birthdays too. Manage your employees easier with eatOS Point of Sale and its superior capabilities.

Time Tracking

What would workforce management be without the ability to track workers’ time? See when your staff clocks in or out, and you can even set it to notify management when staff members need to take breaks or if anybody goes into overtime. Restaurants waste a lot of money each year on workers going overtime or missing their breaks, and taking time off helps workers mentally recharge to get ready for the rest of a busy day. Learn more about the importance of tracking your employee breaks and get superior service with eatOS technology.

When you equip your restaurant with eatOS workforce management software, you’ll see just how well we streamline business operations. A more productive team makes for a better, more efficient workforce. Using devices that more easily manage employees will improve your overall profitability and better satisfy customers, which bolsters loyalty in the long term. At eatOS, we set you up for steady future success.

Book a demo with us and find out how advanced restaurant technology improves workforce management. When you inspire your team to operate as one effective unit, you’ll create a more productive and profitable restaurant that can handle anything. At eatOS, we make restaurant management simple.