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Must-Haves for 2021 Summer Cocktails

5 Ways to Make Incredible Summer Cocktails

New year, new trends. It’s almost full-blown summer, and the hospitality industry is finally reopening for good. Whether you’re a restaurant or a bar, this is an exciting time. Summer cocktails are one of the things that quarantined diners have missed the most, so shift gears for the hot season by revitalizing your menu.

summer cocktails

Photo by Kaizen Nguyễn on Unsplash

Zest and Twists

A few dashes can turn an otherwise bland drink into a hit. Simple additions of fruit, spices, seeds, and other garnishes can really bring up sales for that product, especially if you give it a fun name and add it to the specials menu. Meanwhile, the citrus and vitamin C add a bit of a healthy kick while making it delicious.

Drink of the Week Promotions

Incentivize customers to try out new items by rotating out a “drink of the week.” Doing this during late night or happy hour encourages more sales and brings customers to try new beverages. You might push fan favorites, which already attract attention but can double or triple the crowds when they’re on sale. Mix these in with cocktails that don’t do as well during the week. Promotions like this will kick your summer cocktail sales into high gear.

Fruits and Refreshment

People want seasonal drinks that go down easy on a hot afternoon. Incorporate fresh fruits sourced from local suppliers for a refreshing, delicious taste that supports community vendors. Alcoholic teas, hard lemonade, and spiked seltzer infused with fruits have all taken off because they fill this craving perfectly.

Healthy and Plant-Based Options

From kombucha to hard seltzer, healthier beer alternatives are also on the rise across the industry. They’re just as crisp and a little better for you, something customers have really begun paying attention to during the pandemic. More and more often, they’re trending toward food and drinks that do something for their immune, mental and gut health. Supplying drinks that work to that same end will help sell summer cocktails this season.

Specialty Summer Cocktails

It’s the warm months, and people want to feel like they’re sitting on a beach with the ocean breeze. Tropical drinks and themes are in. Create a truly unique experience at your restaurant by decking it out with the appropriate decor and creating fun menu names to sell your restaurant as the place to be.

Summer Cocktails Meet Other Trends

As the new season approaches, other industry trends will influence sales too. To-go alcohol, for example, is still temporarily legal in a lot of places. For preference or safety reasons, customers will still crave it, so add some seasonal drinks to the delivery menu to boost sales using both trends.

Simple drinks are also back in fashion. As we get back to normal, people have gone back to basics, which is perhaps why rum is back on the rise. According to the International Drink Expo, it’s a big up-and-comer this year. Quality ingredients and a good drink is more important than flashiness. Use fresh ingredients, reflect on community values, and get the most out of your summer cocktails.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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