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Make Off-Premise Dining A Success

Restaurants who have operated steadily through COVID-19 know how important off-premise dining has been. Guests concerned with social distance and regulations around dine-in seating have used takeout and delivery to avoid spreading infection. Now, many customers are more comfortable with off-premise dining.

To make off-premise dining the best it can be, equip your restaurant with cutting-edge solutions like the technology ecosystem powered by eatOS. It’s going to stay relevant long after we get the virus under control.

Off-Premise Dining

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Technology Solutions for Off-Premise Dining

Digital Ordering

Guests won’t give up convenient ordering on-the-go or in the comfort of their own homes. A digital menu enables them to safely buy food, and this won’t stop when dine-in restrictions lift: QR codes facilitate mobile ordering on-premises too.

When restaurants fully reopen, digital menus will continue to benefit those outfitted with state-of-the-art technology. eatOS devices are equipped with multi-user abilities to keep your staff in communication at all times. Your front and back of house operate smoothly together without meeting face-to-face, thus reducing the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak at your store.

Maximize sales with smarter menu management decisions. Our Point of Sale has an intuitive screen to make easy updates to the menu and maximize sales at all times throughout the night.

Digital Payment

Create an entirely seamless and contact-free experience with near-field communication and other digital payment options. Whether they pay when they come for pick-up or at the end of a sit-down meal, keep service socially distant with touchless transactions.

More than half of Millenial and Gen Z customers consider digital payment an important feature. Granted, the pandemic played a huge role in its rising favor, but nevertheless restaurants need to find their own way to offer mobile transaction methods, like eatOS processors which take almost any type of payment. The unbeatable convenience will only make the practice more prominent long-term.

Third Party Services

Apps like Postmates and DoorDash make it possible for many restaurants to open delivery channels. If you can’t afford to hire couriers or properly track them on their route, you might consider becoming a merchant with some third party platforms. Streamline delivery and make it easy for guests to find you when they’re searching for their next meal on third party apps.

Kitchen Display Screen

Optimize your line cooks with technology that routes orders straight to the back of house. The right Point of Sale system consolidates all your sales channels for better queue ordering. KDS powered by eatOS also have station routing capabilities that send each item over to the right area of the kitchen. This lets your staff stay safely six feet apart without handling the same equipment or utensils as their coworkers. KDS help kitchen staff work harder.

eatOS and Off-Premise Dining

With a cloud-based Point of Sale system, your data stores remotely to guarantee its safety. You also get features like streamlined scheduling and automated payroll thanks to our third party API integrations, and when dine-in resumes, get access to floor plan management from one intuitive screen. Restaurant management just goes smoother with smart POS systems.

Off-premise dining will only get more and more important to consumers, so invest now and stay ahead of the curve. 


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