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Make Food Delivery Eco-Friendly

As the modern consumer begins to place more and more significance on sustainable living, so too must restaurants shift their priorities to match. Over the past few years, customers began to care about their impact on the environment in every aspect of their lives, food delivery included. As customers get more invested in sustainability, restaurants have an opportunity to solidify themselves as reputable brands by catering to this preference.

Just how much do customers care about the planet? Let’s look at the stats.

  1. 2/3 of consumers pay more attention to their delivery’s environmental impact than they have in the past.

  2. 66% of people would pay more for brands that demonstrate an interest in the planet.

  3. Half of that 66% are willing to pay extra for sustainable packaging.

Help out the planet and give yourself a competitive edge when you put in the time, effort, and even a little money to make your food delivery more eco-friendly.

Where to Start

Start small. You don’t have to solve the climate crisis all by yourself; a little bit of change goes a long way in consumers’ minds. For example, embark on this new path by eliminating condiment packets or at least asking each customer if they want any, rather than giving them away as a rule. This prevents unnecessary waste when customers throw out handfuls of unwanted ketchup packets.

In a similar vein, get rid of plastic utensils, straws, and napkins too. Ask if customers need cutlery but since they’re getting food delivered, they probably have all the necessary tools at home. The same goes for napkins and straws, too; many customers will opt-out, not because they’re even thinking of the environment, but simply because they don’t need them to enjoy their meal.

This would be a good time to reassess your packaging needs as well. Is it really necessary to deliver food in a container wrapped in a box wrapped in a plastic bag? Streamline your delivery by only including what’s strictly necessary to get food out and safely to the customers’ door.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Cutting down waste is essential to building a more eco-friendly business, however, this doesn’t limit you to simply removing excess packaging or a few plastic straws.

Switching to biodegradable, compostable or otherwise reusable packaging will have a hugely positive impact on the planet. Plant-based materials are naturally occurring and generally higher quality than the plastic, styrofoam or polystyrene that most restaurants use for takeaway; while a good choice in and of itself, this is also potentially the kind of durable packaging you need to cut down on excessive bags and boxes. Sustainability begets sustainability.

Find a new manufacturer who’s as dedicated as you to create a more eco-conscious world. Joining the cutting edge of delivery innovation will help you prepare to jump on new sustainable wrapping trends as they come along.

Reorienting your business to demonstrate more eco-friendly behavior has many material benefits aside from appeasing the modern consumer, although of course, that’s still a primary concern. Eliminate some of your expenses by reducing waste, help improve the planet, get an edge on your competitors and develop stronger relationships with your customers when you show you have similar values through a newfound commitment to the environment.

Sustainability is one of the better trends to hit the foodservice industry. Going green is all upsides: For you, for your customers, and for the planet too. Cutting out unnecessary plastic, paper and waste is always the right choice for every business. Is your restaurant ready to make a more positive impact on this world?

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