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Kitchen Displays: The Future of Food Service

Restaurants are busy: The front of the house rushes to provide superior customer service to everybody without lengthening their wait, customers flood the dining area, and the back of the house tries to keep up with it all. With thin profit margins and a lot of gears needed to keep the mechanism running smoothly, restaurants need every advantage they can get over their competition.

Increasingly, food service technology is the answer. Recent advancements in the industry have made it easier than ever for restaurants to keep up with the demands of food service. Companies like eatOS are helping synchronize all aspects of your business operations so that your front- and back-of-house run better together. We understand the value of efficiency in teamwork.

Your customers want their food fast; your servers are the go-between for them and the kitchen. If your cooks don’t have the tools they need, every other moving part suffers too. That’s why eatOS has developed a state-of-the-art Kitchen Display System to keep your cooks at their best.

What is a KDS?

Kitchen Display Systems, more commonly known as KDS, are screens that replace the old paper ticket system. Physical tickets often get damaged, smudged or lost in the hustle and bustle of the workday. KDS streamline the process by sending orders directly to the kitchen as soon as they’re submitted so cooks can get started right away, thus reducing wait times for customers and keeping servers out on the floor administering phenomenal service.

The KDS powered by eatOS makes it easy to view all open tickets, prepare batch items, and better prioritize the queue. Commercial kitchens have never been more efficient.

Why does eatOS have the right KDS?

Your restaurant deserves to be run with the best of the best technology on the market at an affordable price point. We understand what it takes to run a small business and that’s why everything we design is made with your needs in mind. The features of our KDS include:

  1. Multi-lingual support so you can run your device in your language of choice. Your staff should always be able to understand and operate their technology in their native tongue.

  2. Prep station routing to send tickets to the right station or to the Point of Sale. Our KDS syncs in real-time to streamline your reporting and give accurate updates throughout the kitchen. Your team works better with eatOS.

  3. Kitchen-grade hardware ensures that your screen is safe and secure at all times; while most touchscreens don’t belong in the kitchen, ours is designed to withstand the heat. Our durable hardware comes with a 3-year warranty to guarantee it always works for you.

  4. Save on printing when you go digital with eatOS. No more paper waste and spending money on ink and receipts; KDS are good for your business and good for the planet.

  5. Seamless connectivity links your kitchen to the rest of the restaurant’s technological ecosystem. Your KDS syncs automatically with your Point of Sale, Self-Service Kiosk, online ordering system, website and more so your data and reports are accurate as well as viewable in real-time.

At eatOS, we understand the necessity of fast and functional devices that optimize your business operations. Our Kitchen display system also works offline so you don’t have to stop service due to network issues; just keep working and our devices will sync automatically back to the cloud as soon as you’re online again. We prioritize your functionality so your kitchen runs smoother, more effectively and more profitably than ever before.

Why eatOS?

In addition to our cutting-edge Kitchen Display Screen, eatOS has a host of interconnected devices that work together to make your restaurant better than ever before. We’ve chosen to integrate with 7Shifts, the best software for managing your employees’ schedules; Gusto for superior payroll management; HP for the best possible hardware on the market; and more, to provide you with everything you need to effectively run your business.

Our affordable devices operate together on one to create an efficient technological ecosystem. All your data syncs to one easy-to-use screen, the Point of Sale terminal, for an optimal restaurant experience that gives you accurate data and reporting information in real-time so you can make better budgeting and labor decisions.

With eatOS, you get better hardware and service than you’ll find anywhere else. Book a demo and we’ll show you how eatOS will bring your kitchen into the future of food service, today.


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