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Kick Off Memorial Day With These Promo Ideas

Memorial Day is almost here. On Monday, March 31st, businesses all over the country will hold special deals and promotions to celebrate. Is your restaurant ready to join in?

This year, Memorial Day comes in the wake of mass reopenings as the pandemic nears its close. Regardless, customers remain wary—and with good reason. Launch special promotions that show off your brand and how your current values focus on safety and the future. Emphasize what your restaurant has planned for the summer when you welcome it this Memorial Day.

Memorial Day

Photo by Selena Morar on Unsplash

5 Memorial Day Promotions for Your Restaurant

As states reopen and vaccinations increase, people look forward to one of their first holidays free of the virus. Although health and safety guidelines will remain ubiquitous for now, here are six ways to creatively promote your restaurant for Memorial Day 2021.

Partner with Nearby Events

Where there are crowds, there’s exposure. Why work for media attention and foot traffic when you can capitalize on some that already exist? Find nearby events like concerts, fairs, and sports games happening on the same day. Reach out and form a symbiotic partnership, where you both benefit from the extra interest and media attention.

Even if you can’t find anyone to partner with, people will still be around looking for food. Fill that need by offering related specials and great deals, with the right keywords to guarantee you pop up on their searches.

Team Up with Other Businesses

You’re not the only one in town looking for business opportunities. Team up with gourmet chefs who operate locally or the brewery down the street. You can make one-of-a-kind Memorial Day specials, like perhaps a prix fixe menu with craft beers paired especially for each meal. Partner up with your neighbors and develop holiday specials unique to both brands.

Showcase Your Outdoors

Given that Memorial Day heralds summer, and people are still worried about COVID-19, spruce up your outdoor seating for the occasion. Tables can enjoy the nice weather, your garden, the sunset, and any views that will make their Memorial Day meals as enjoyable as possible. Find your strong spots and pour energy into making them even better.

Create Special Menus

With the right Point of Sale system, restaurants can easily re-engineer their menus. For example, make a special one just for Memorial Day. Come up with punny cocktail names, use seasonal fruits and veggies, and offer discounted dessert specials to draw in guests.

Remember, food restrictions are common these days and they’re often the final determinant as to whether the whole party chooses you. Vegetarian and vegan diets, gluten-free, paleo and dairy-free customers will all come through at some point. Provide options and tailor the day’s menu to celebrate this holiday, and every guest will have a great time.

Deals and Discounts

No promotion works as well as a good old-fashioned sale. Discount meals, give two-for-one specials, promote drinks or find some other way to make dining with you worthwhile. When you work out what specific promotions you want, advertise online. Splash the news across your social media so your best customers can look forward to dining out that day. Stay connected with your guests to increase engagement, build loyalty and coax big spenders to make a reservation for the end of the month.

Memorial Day Promos

Photo courtesy of eatOS

Convenience Is King

Customers want an efficient but safe way to dine out again. What has your restaurant done to support creative alternatives? For example, you might offer a multitude of seating areas so guests can choose what makes them comfortable. Some restaurants now offer garden, curbside, patio, and dine-in seating options to fit a variety of comfort levels. Then, utilize pretty spaces or decorate the restaurant for Memorial Day to make the experience even more unforgettable.

If you stay flexible to meet consumer expectations, then you’ll also need the best technology. Smart Point of Sale systems consolidate all your sales channels, make it easy to restructure the service floor, automatically apply discounts and do so much more. This will make your Memorial Day a success.

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