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It’s Time to Partner with eatOS

At eatOS, we’re dedicated to creating a technological ecosystem that improves restaurant operations through cutting-edge devices like our Point of Sale, Self-Service Kiosks and more. However we wouldn’t be able to do our job effectively without the help and support of our incredible partners.

We foster a community of like-minded businesses because we believe that your success is our success. A mutually beneficial ecosystem that gives everybody involved new tools they can use to grow to their full potential is a much more effective strategy for maximizing each business’s individual success. Maintain your current revenue streams while also learning how to foster new channels. We equip each partner in our program with full access to our state-of-the-art software so they can run their own businesses more effectively and from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.

Experience unbeatable perks when you sign up with us. Get access to the most advanced software on the market to improve operations, and we also help our partners grow via customer referrals. Going digital opens your business up to revenue streams never accessed before, with mobile technology that brings new meaning to speedy and convenient service.

Our cloud-based services also make it easy to log on and see the metrics and analytic reports for any restaurant in real time, so restaurateurs are always up to date on the health and wellness of their business. This is an extremely valuable marketing factor for any business trying to break into the restaurant sector. We also make backups safe and easy by storing data in the cloud, so not only can owners access information on-the-go but it’s kept away from physical break-ins and prying eyes.

Our devices make restaurant management easy, and we couldn’t do it without the help of the incredible partnerships that make our software so cutting-edge. That’s why we believe in putting energy into positive partner relationships: We help them function better because without them, we wouldn’t be as capable as we are. Our mutually beneficial partnerships have helped us, and want to extend that same hand to you.

Join a network of future-focused businesses looking to help restaurants provide a better, smoother service experience. Together with companies like HP, Clover, Restaurant 365, 7Shifts, Gusto and more, eatOS is changing the way that restaurants approach food service.

Our reseller program is a great fit for businesses that sell hardware and software solutions, support, or services for the restaurant industry. Connecting with eatOS is a great way to help grow your business and reach all new customers. Join our reseller program today and find out how together, we can help bring restaurants into the future of food service.

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