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Is Your Restaurant Running at Peak Efficiency?

Having sound restaurant systems is a must-have for any streamlined business operating at optimal efficiency. The eatOS team has written about the importance of good restaurant systems before, which you can read here for a refresher.

Now you know the importance of creating the best possible restaurant systems, as well as the advantages gained by incorporating advanced restaurant hard- and software into your business operations. This article addresses how eatOS Point of Sale and other cloud-based devices are designed to fulfill the possibilities introduced in its sister post because we believe in simplifying restaurant management in every respect.

Restaurant systems aren’t as complicated as they sound: They’re simply the way you handle all the necessary tasks your business needs to run at peak efficiency. It’s how you do each job; the way you count the registers at the end of the night, set tables every morning, do inventory, and run payroll regularly.”

When you sign on with eatOS, we give you the capabilities your restaurant needs to greet the future, and at an affordable price point, you can’t get with anyone else. Features like…

Point of Sale to help you grow

We connect all of your Point of Sale devices to one network to give access to real-time sales data and information whenever you need it. Keeping better track of your finances and your performance metrics’ efficiency lets you make better long-term business decisions, which can ultimately lead to expansion and scaling if that’s your goal. Forecast next steps with better budgeting choices and make it easier to follow the plan to fruition during the hectic day-to-day of running a restaurant.

eatOS takes out the headache and stress of management by giving you remote access capabilities and complete control over your business, even when you’re away. When you open that second venue, eatOS devices compare data between the two so you’re never left wondering how your business, or businesses, are doing.

Better employee management

Workforce management, or WFM, features streamline employee communication so there are fewer errors overall and each order comes out faster.

Our integration with 7Shifts makes scheduling fast and easy, so you can spend more time on other tasks, and your workers can trade shifts online without managerial input. They can clock in and out from an app online, so they don’t have to muscle through the busy floor to start or end shifts, and geofencing capabilities reduce timecard fraud because employees can only use it when they’re on the premises.

Safer, flexible payment

eatOS works with swipe, tap, near-field communication, and mobile wallet transactions, so guests have various methods to choose from when it comes to finishing their meals. Our devices work faster, and with pay-at-table capabilities letting customers pay at their convenience, they spend less time waiting and leave your eatery with a good last impression.

Customer relationship management

Loyalty is more important than ever because of COVID-19. With foot traffic down, restaurants need to rely on their best customers, which means learning how to keep them engaged. eatOS CRM features include a rewards program that creates dual-purpose customer profiles, which not only encourages their return but enables you to garner information about your best guests. Contact trace in the event of a coronavirus outbreak and create targeted marketing campaigns specifically to pique their interests.

In the modern age, everyone is online. Engage with your customers on social media by speaking to them directly, reposting content they make about your brand, and hosting polls or contests for them to win prizes, like a free dessert when they next dine-in. Show your appreciation for their patronage by engaging directly with your best customers online.

Restaurant Systems, Managed

eatOS streamlines your business operations in every respect. From workforce management features that give staff more autonomy and management peace of mind, safe and secure flexible payments, upgrade all your sales channels when you connect them through the eatOS Point of Sale system. We’ll make life easier when dine-in services resume, too; we streamline all the systems in your restaurant so you’ll handle all the necessary tasks to run your business at optimal efficiency.

Make better budgeting decisions, learn how to cut unnecessary expenses, and streamline to make more net profit through eatOS. Nothing sets your business up for growth, scaling, and future success—whatever that looks like to you—then when your restaurant management systems are run through state-of-the-art restaurant technology. Restaurant systems work best when they’re powered by eatOS.

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