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Is Your Restaurant Hospitality Up to Par?

Customer service is the most integral part of any restaurant. It’s what keeps business going; good service is the tipping point that decides whether someone comes back a second time. No matter how delicious the food comes out, a rude or forgetful waiter can leave a nasty taste in their mouth and ruin the whole experience.

Build better customer relationships and aim to make them feel special when they arrive. Even just finding that you’ve remembered their names or favorite table can be very touching. It’s not easy to keep so much information straight, but with a streamlined system and a lot of practice, you can foster customer loyalty unlike ever before.

Master Interpersonal Skills

Nothing beats a kind smile and genuine interest. Even your greeting affects their experience: Meet everybody professionally, maintain eye contact, ask how they’re doing and show that you care about the response; every bit of information gleaned will help you later. Instead of asking if they have a reservation, ask if they’ll be joining you that evening. Even bad news should have a shine; if you can’t fit in a walk-in party or reservation, express that you want to accommodate them and work to find another day, time or solution that fits.

Think outside the box if, at first glance, there’s no easy solution; they’ll appreciate the effort spent accommodating them. You can keep your elegant atmosphere despite the casual, down-to-earth relationships you’re trying to forge to keep your brand approachable.

Spend more time creating these positive relationships with streamlined eatOS technology that lightens your servers’ workloads. With self-ordering devices like tableside tablets like Kiosks, guests handle the busywork of pressing buttons and servers get to chat, learn about their preferences and correct mistakes or troubleshoot tech when customers need a hand.


People value transparency and honesty. An open dialogue demonstrates your commitment to this goal and eases guests’ minds when things go astray. Ask them exactly what they like or don’t like about their experience, and pay attention to the silent cues affirming how they lean, so next time staff can improve and get it all right.

Plain and simple, servers need to spend time getting to know guests personally so they can tailor their experience to their mood. How long are they in town? Are they here for a special occasion? All of this helps you cater to them better as individuals, so they’re encouraged to return next time they’re nearby. Show particular appreciation for your regulars with an occasional discount or glass of wine; something small and different every time adds something special to the experience. Knowing their preference between sparkling or regular water, and calling them by name as they leave will all make them feel like the valued customers they are.

At eatOS, our devices work as one technological ecosystem toward this exact purpose. With mobile Point of Sales, KDS and more, orders from the service floor and your online ordering platform get submitted instantly to the kitchen where we automatically populate the queue in the right order to ensure every customer has a short turnaround. They’re also disseminated to the right kitchen stations for optimal speed.

Keep a System

When you learn what your customers want and gather personal information, you can make every experience better than the last. Keeping a rigorous system of guest notes helps you keep all this information straight; mentioning how you remember they didn’t like the seasoning on their salmon last time they visited is not only a pleasant surprise, but gives cooks a chance to get it right. A system like this also lets you recall important dates, like anniversaries, that guests spend at your restaurants so you can send out a mailer the previous month or a few weeks before thanking them for celebrating with you last year and asking if they’d like to book again.

When you have a system in place, share it amongst key workers so they all have access to the same relevant information when those guests stop by. It might be a good idea to go through the upcoming reservations each night and remind staff about who’s coming in and how you’re going to make this night special.

Systems like this are also helpful because your workers deal with so many customers, it’s impossible to keep them all straight. A short list of identifying details not only helps them make conversation on the job, but can make that recognition click. eatOS is designed to help keep track of customers, with our software integrations that streamline setting up loyalty programs and customer relationship management in general. Keep track of their favorite dishes, cocktails and even special events like birthdays so you can reach out and offer personalized discounts or invitations to return and celebrate with you again this year.

Additionally, eatOs Point of Sale has automated reporting and analytical features so you have all the information necessary to make better business decisions. Get all of this and more with eatOS advanced Point of Sale. Book a demo today and find out how we’re streamlining restaurant management to make it more efficient. Are you ready to bring your hospitality up to par?


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