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Is Food Delivery Really Safe?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and a myriad of countries and cities strengthen their social distancing measures every week, restaurants all over have had to shut the door on dine-in service. As a result, plenty of people have turned to delivery instead. Though you should absolutely comply with isolation measures, many still wonder if delivery is even a safe enough alternative.

Delivery drivers go door to door, brave grocery stores and restaurants, and come in contact with countless people to perform their essential service. Can getting your food this way really be safer than going to the store every couple of weeks and stocking up on supplies?

Actually, yes: Studies indicate that you can safely get food and other necessities delivered without having to worry. The virus doesn’t linger long on surfaces, so you’re very unlikely to accidentally ingest it. Regardless, there’s no evidence that the virus is food-borne at all.

What can you do to reduce your chances of infection?

If you’re still worried about ordering in, you can further reduce your risks of infection by following these basic health and safety protocols:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after eating. This will reduce your risk of catching something after touching receipts, containers, and bags that may have come into contact with the virus.

  2. Immediately toss outside boxes, bags and wrappers. The less time they spend touching surfaces in your home, the better. You can also disinfect your counter afterward to really ensure that your home stays clean.

  3. Use contactless delivery. Plenty of vendors like Amazon and Postmates let drivers simply drop orders off in front of your door. By eliminating contact with the workers, you have a better chance at avoiding any germs they may have picked up outside.


Food delivery is not only safe but also very ethical; many people are grateful to keep working in the midst of massive lay-offs and closures. As we strive to secure benefits and better wages for essential employees, in the meantime you can show your appreciation by tipping drivers and continuing to order in so that they can put food on their own tables. After all, they’re risking a lot to help us safely get some on our own.

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