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Is eatOS Hardware Right For Your Business?

When you’re choosing the hardware needed to run your restaurant, there are a lot of vendors and even more products to sift through. Will this one let me track the data I’m interested in seeing? Is that one’s price point worth its capabilities? There are a lot of questions you need to ask to measure each device’s features against its sales price, to ensure your restaurant gets what it needs without paying over budget for the privilege.

At eatOS, we’ve developed the technology solutions you need at an affordable price because we believe that every restaurant, no matter the size, should have the same opportunities for growth and profitability. That means equipping yourself with the right Point of Sale technology like the devices powered by eatOS, which aim to help your business maximize its efficiency and reach greater levels of success than ever before.

We’ll boost your employees’ productivity and customer satisfaction like you never imagined. With staff management software to track breaks, schedule shifts and review sales trends, any size business benefits from creating a more cohesive and productive team. See who’s an on-staff superstar deserving of a promotion or who tends to let others pick up their slack. Meanwhile our customer relationship management features improve any guest’s experience.

If you’re in the hospitality industry, eatOS is the right choice no matter what type of business you run.


Big or small, QSR or full service, eatOS is designed to grow with you. Our smart hard- and software connects all the devices on your network to one hub, the Point of Sale terminal, so you can run automatic, real-time reporting and analyze your overall profitability no matter how many data points go into the report. Our integration with software like 7Shifts lets you more easily schedule shifts for your entire staff and additionally give them an opportunity to trade their own without significant managerial oversight, so you can spend less time organizing your employees and more time focusing on other aspects of the business. We also grow with you so if you scale your business and open a new location, we’ll help you run any branch just as efficiently as the original. eatOS lets you scale without breaking a sweat.


eatOS technology improves the workflow of any operation. In addition to employee management, many cafes have been captivated by how our Self-Service Kiosk bolsters the overall customer experience. Give them more time to view the menu, edit their ticket and customize to their exact specifications. Self-Service Kiosks reduce lines, improve order accuracy and turn times—all of which makes for more satisfied guests. In addition to strengthening customer loyalty, Self-Service Kiosks are proven to increase the average ticket size by as much as 30%. It’s no wonder cafes are turning to self-ordering systems; self-service puts the power into customers’ hands so that they can control their own experiences. Find out what the eatOS Kiosk can do for you.


eatOS compatibility isn’t limited to food service; we help improve drink sales, too. Bar and Grill also benefit from having one efficient ecosystem to run their operations. Clock in via our attendance app to reduce foot traffic on the floor during busy hours and let employees get to work faster. We understand that it gets crowded on the floor; never stop service because of a network outage. eatOS devices keep running when you go offline and then sync back to the cloud as soon as you’re online again, so you can focus on quality customer service and never have to stop for inevitable complications. Busy bars understand the value of improving workflow and streamlining overall operations, which is what eatOS is here to do for you.

eatOS hardware is compatible with all businesses in the hospitality industry, from restaurants big and small to cafes to bars, too. Contact us for a demo today and we’ll answer all your questions about how else we’ll give your business the tools it needs to maximize its efficiency and profitability. With eatOS, we believe in making restaurant management simple. We believe in the future of food service technology.

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