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Introducing eatOS POP: The Convenient Point of Sale

Restaurants are always searching for ways to become more efficient, more profitable and better at providing customer service. At eatOS, our team focuses on providing what the industry needs to grow and thrive. Right now that means creating digital solutions for contactless dining and faster order turnaround, among other things. With that in mind, we introduce eatOS POP.

What Is eatOS POP?

Our Point of Purchase, or POP, is a handheld device with all the functionality of a full-size POS. Its portable size lets servers handle ordering and transactions tableside, without having to run back and forth to the kitchen or Point of Sale terminal. The efficiency shortens table turns so you can seat more guests per day.


Photo courtesy of eatOS

This really makes a difference for your bottom line. With a portable POS that has all the capabilities of a traditional terminal plus added flexibility, restaurants earn an estimated 20% more in revenue, as well as thousands of dollars more in server tips and average profit per week. Speed up operations and make the ordering and payment process more convenient for guests.

So how does eatOS POP make all this happen? We improve communication between the front and back of the house to make for a more efficient team. For example, inputted orders get sent immediately to the Kitchen Display Screen (if you have one). Then cooks can get started on them ASAP. Save time and money with a Point of Purchase.

What Features Come with Point of Purchase?

Unlike a full-size Point of Sale, eatOS POP is mobile and affordable. Instead of spending thousands to get a full terminal up and running, our Point of Purchase works standalone and incorporates it into whatever system you already own. eatOS POP comes with…

  1. real-time menu updates and syncing to disseminate accurate information across the store, instantaneously.

  2. virtual receipt printing.

  3. table management features that make full-service mode easy. Take orders right by their seat, no matter how big the party.

  4. split checks for extra convenience.

Additionally, everyone in a party can pay with their preferred method, whether via tap, swipe or dip. We guarantee complete security with our products. Customer data remains secure despite how convenient it is to pay. Our cloud-based payment system then saves their info for future reorders, while encrypted to guarantee their safety.

Photo by Franck on Unsplash

Is eatOS POP Right for Your Restaurant?

No matter what system you already know and use, our device integrates with most Point of Sale systems including Kitchen Displays, receipt printers, cash drawers and more. You can use eatOS POP on its own, without extra investment, and incorporate it swiftly into your ongoing operations. Save time and money by choosing only the device you need.

The flexibility, mobility and convenience of the Point of Purchase makes it a good investment for any restaurant looking to streamline operations. It improves customer satisfaction, too, to get orders out faster and let them pay from the convenience of their seats. Get a demo with us and find out why restaurants are getting on board.

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