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Instagram for Restaurant: A brief marketing guide

It has been proven that social media is the most effective laurel for promoting any business. Apart from that, it is no secret that it is a prominent aspect of our daily lives. A study shows that we spend 15% of our lives scrolling through social media. Restaurant owners can reach a broad audience with a well-planned and professional presence on all social media channels and platforms, specifically Instagram, which is in the top-five most used platforms. Below are some crucial insights about Instagram, which we researched to share with you. Instagram Basics for Restaurant Marketing Instagram's advertising scope grew 12.8 per cent over the past year and now reaches roughly 1 billion monthly users. What started as a photo-sharing platform has become one of the most used apps daily because of its ease of use, accessibility, and overall experience it creates for users.

Instagram is necessary for any restaurant wanting to entice guests to its establishment. Most of their features are free, so you don't have to drop much cash into your advertising budget. Post and display your best images

Instagram followers look for eye-catching photos. To keep people from scrolling past your posts, displaying dynamic pictures is essential. You want to capture the delectable essence of your plates, so make sure you take professional-looking pics highlighting the beauty of your composed dishes. Are you a novice photographer? Don't worry! Instagram offers a variety of filters to enhance lighting. There are also editing tools to help craft beautiful posts. Instagram also recommends the following to catch followers' attention: · Fill the frame: Posting pics that take up the whole frame tends to stand out more. Also, consider a vertical orientation. · Play aroundwith video and reel techniques: Add some pizzazzto your reelswith fun bordersto animated elements.

· Use audio elements: Music and voiceovers lend a more profound sense of your company culture and brand identity. Don't Limit yourself to food pics. While potential diners want to see stunning photos of your menu items, they also want a glimpse of your ambience. Take great pictures of your dining area and post those alongside your dishes. Apart from that, you must include pictures and videos of your kitchen along with your service team to introduce your crew to diners. Creating highlighted stories showing off some behind-the-scenes action or sharing aspects of your company culture can improve brand recognition and boost your company image. Develop a branded hashtag A one-of-a-kind, brand-specific hashtag can drive customers to your Instagram account. They promote brand identity, help run social media campaigns, and encourage user-generated content. Creating a branded hashtag enables owners to analyze consumer traffic and get a keen sense of what diners respond to. Here are some tips on how to formulate a hashtag: · Make sure it is exclusive to your brand · Keep it easy to read · Follow your hashtag to track content Interact with your followers Instagram's algorithm responds well to consumer engagement. Responding to reviews, cross- promoting a neighborhood business, offering rewards to followers, and including restaurant- specification buttons like "Order Food" increase the activity on your account. The more action, the more likely Insta is to show more of your posts to followers. This, in turn, can boost activity outside your existing fan base, leading to greater reach.

Shout out to Food Holidays

Food holidays are a fun way to celebrate culinary culture and connect with followers. Highlighting these special times throughout the year is a great way to drive engagement and seasonal offerings at your restaurant. Create a calendar of exciting or relevant food days and post content with the corresponding hashtag.

If you have a social media manager, she/he must be aware of the pros and cons of using social media in marketing your business. It is crucial to keep your presence high and your engagement with your target market. It is easier and more accurate if you incorporate your business with modern technology, such eatOS POS system, which can make real-time decisions. It is easier to also get reports on sales data, refunds, voids, labor costs, across email, text, website, third-party software, or mobile app anywhere, anytime.

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