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How to Master Restaurant Marketing

When it comes to restaurant marketing, did you know that a Point of Sale system is your best asset? Although how to get your name out there may change with the times, eatOS builds adaptability into our devices. Now with COVID-19 in retreat, competition has flooded the market and everyone wants their customers back. The most successful campaigns focus on what your intended base wants, as well as what’s most true to your brand.

Use all the capabilities of your advanced Point of Sale to strengthen your restaurant marketing. Here are three ways you can use your POS system to your advantage.

restaurant marketing

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Customer-Focused Loyalty Programs

Guest satisfaction is one of your most important metrics for success. eatOS Point of Sale integrates a rewards program that automatically applies to guest orders. This makes it quick and efficient to order from your app, website or digital menu via QR code (if they’re in-store). If they save their payment method through the secure portal, then that makes it even faster.

Customer profiles also raise profit: By saving their contact information, you can reach out with direct campaigns. Meanwhile the discounts and information offered within are tailored to their interests. eatOS Point of Sale has analytic reporting features that tell you what they’re ordering most, when they come in and so on. Use this information to create deals that encourage them to visit more frequently, or have their favorite wine waiting when they make a reservation. It all adds up to greater customer loyalty.

Additionally, consider referral programs as a growing resource for both retention and advertising. People trust recommendations from friends. Encourage them to bring up your restaurant by offering discount codes. A friend using your code gives you both 10% off your next order. Focusing your rewards programs on what customers actually want will make your campaigns much more successful.

Photos in All the Right Places

How do you show customers you’ve got a great menu when they’ve never been in before? Studies so that websites and menus with high-res, sparing but appealing pictures increases spending for those items. eatOS software automatically updates every digital menu when you edit from your hub of operations, the Point of Sale. Those same analytics that help create promos also tell you which menu items need a boost. When posting pictures, remember these tips:

  1. Add photos to your newsletters to reach as many guests with your enticing food as possible.

  2. Diversify the photos on your website. Show food, but also the back of house staff hard at work, your customers enjoying meals, and more. Really give a feel for your atmosphere.

  3. Remember social media. What better place to post videos, stories and great pictures of your food? Plus you can connect directly with guests to improve engagement, and even get great user-generated content too.

Pictures are powerful tools in restaurant marketing. Use your Point of Sale system to spread them to as many potential customers as you can.

Branded Restaurant Marketing

Automatic syncing capabilities guarantee that everything you’re offering is correct and priced competitively. Make sure that your menu is displayed on as many channels as possible, provided they’re relevant. Depending on your audience, the best place to show your brand will change. Some websites, like Google My Business, are common enough that it’s always worth putting yourself out there.

Brand identity matters, and your Point of Sale is the hub of your online presence. Use it to create better campaigns and a more effective, long-term strategy. Logo, slogan and color scheme all distinguish your brand more effectively. For the best restaurant marketing possible, invest in an advanced Point of Sale.

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