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How to Create a Valentine’s Day Promotion

The most romantic day of the year is almost upon us, and restaurants are wondering how the COVID-19 pandemic will shape what’s usually a massively profitable holiday. With dine-in restrictions firmly in place and most people still careful about social distance, restaurant owners are carving opportunities to create an intimate, romantic evening for their customers at home.

Online ordering will play the same big role for restaurants that it has all year. Using smart Point of Sale technology like the kind powered by eatOS, you can get automated reports that show what dishes sell best and what ticket sizes usually look like on a typical Valentine’s Day. Create a strategy to most effectively bring your unique strengths from the service floor to their homes.

The Best Promotional Strategy

The ideal Valentine’s Day promotion varies from restaurant to restaurant, since what works for your loyal patrons won’t work in a different city. Still, there are certain sales trends that remain pretty constant regardless of where you set up shop. For example, prix fixe menus, fancy cocktails, lobster, steak and themed desserts are always popular on Valentine’s Day, and there’s no reason you can’t offer all that on a special to-go menu created just for this Sunday.

Despite forgoing reservations, you’ll likely get an influx of to-go orders anyway. Valentine’s Day is guaranteed to increase overall sales and individual spending per ticket. Depending on where you’re located, the day can boost sales 30-40% overall. Clearly, it’s worth investing in a promotional campaign to draw guests to you over your competitors.

Marketing Ideas

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to turn staple foods into cleverly themed dishes that any guest will love. From heart-shaped pizzas to pasta with pink sauce, there are a myriad of quick and easy ways to use delicious, cheap ingredients that are guaranteed to sell. Desserts typically enjoy a 50% boost in sales as well: Give a myriad of options, and make use of staple romance foods like strawberries, chocolate and red velvet.

There’s no one-size-fits-all for the details, but some promotional campaigns are a safe bet:

  1. Proposal packages. It’s the most romantic day of the year; set the mood with some prix fixe options for two, a bottle of wine and maybe a bouquet of flowers too.

  2. Specials deals like buy one get one free entrees, complementary dessert with an order for two, or a prix fixe menu that offers multiple courses.

  3. Use past customer data to give your best patrons something special to show your appreciation. Advanced Point of Sales record that data so you can surprise them with their favorite dessert or bottle of wine with their order.

  4. Do something special for those singles out there. Make a menu of wings, foods you eat with your hands and lots of garlic. It’s a good time to invent punny cocktail names too.

Whatever promotional campaigns you decide on, make sure to announce it all across your social media, in your email newsletters, posted in the storefront window and on your website so they know why to choose you over a competitor this weekend.

Remind your best customers why they usually spend their romantic evenings at your restaurant by offering exclusive Valentine’s Day-themed promotions. Use online ordering technology to handle the uptick in takeout, delivery and curbside pickup orders you’ll receive this weekend and get ready to make this weekend a special night to remember for all of your best guests.

Valentine’s Day Promotion

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