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How to Build an Incredible Team

Hiring a strong team requires a lot of thought and consideration. The restaurant industry has an extremely high turnover rate—averaging 75% across the industry according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and closer to 150% for fast food workers (Suzanne-Mayer, 2019)—so building an efficient, driven and dedicated staff from the outset leads to better employee retention and saves you the long-term costs of constantly hiring and training new workers.


To build a full-sized staff, you’ll need to conduct a ton of interviews and read even more applications. A successful business requires full time managers, servers, cooks and many others in order to operate well. You also need to consider whether you want to hire people full-time, part-time, seasonally or a combination depending on their positions and individual availability.

Developing a hiring plan can help with that. It organizes and expedites the process so you can more easily get through applicants, and it also serves as a good reference for the future in the unfortunate event that you do experience high turnover rates, or if you decide to scale your business and just need more employees to handle the growing demand.

A hiring plan is also a good opportunity to develop a staff management model. Having a guideline ensures that every employee gets treated the same whenever a problem, question or unexpected situation arises. You can guarantee equitable focus, compensation and treatment for all the staff even years down the line.

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