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How QR Codes Boost Restaurant Engagement

Lately, restaurants have adopted new self-service solutions to guarantee a more streamlined, safe, and accurate customer experience. With social distance, a legitimate concern still appeals directly to your best guests. It increases the likelihood that they’ll recommend you to their friends and family when you invest in cutting-edge technology like QR codes which are sweeping the market alongside other contactless digital options.

Build in coronavirus safety precautions and provide a better customer experience without sacrificing one for the other. As you cultivate the best possible service, you’ll beget happier customers, and that pads your bottom line.

The Upsides of QR Codes

Advancing technology doesn’t force a compromise between convenience and better service. The inherently compact nature of a QR code that links to digital platforms guarantees that it doesn’t take up too much space, which gives you room to fit more guests in without breaking social distance measures or capacity restrictions.

Choose the optimal place for a code based on the personal needs of your audience. If they spend a lot of time lingering up front, post a few on the wall in the waiting area, so they don’t sit around deliberating what to eat later. If you get a lot of foot traffic, maybe post up your takeout code in the storefront window.

A digital menu for browsing takes your customer relationships to the next level. You aren’t limited to showing them what’s good to eat; the beauty of QR codes is that you can generate several different ones. For example, many restaurants are creating virtual online experiences to generate revenue. Link to videos of your chefs walking through fan-favorite recipes step by step for guests to enjoy at home or come up with your own creative ideas that fit your brand.

With technology, the sky’s the limit. Rewrite the URL, and those changes automatically go into motion; this saves a lot on printing costs and doesn’t hold you back from making small tweaks to your digital menu, like raising the best-seller price a few cents or optimizing items’ positions for more significant sales. Even customize the QR code’s look to better match your brand aesthetic and give customers a kick.

A Better Dining Experience

Technology streamlines operations, so customers get a faster and more accurate ordering experience. With QR codes like the personalized one we give merchants who sign up with orderOS, you get a host of features that directly benefit your customers, including

  1. One-tap and mobile payment options, so guests finish transactions as soon as they’re ready—without having to wait for servers to clear the table and stop by the POS terminal.

  2. Automatically calculate tips, so waitstaff more frequently gets their 20%.

  3. Easily use coupons with QR codes designed to apply discounts at checkout automatically.

  4. Encourage feedback with a code that links to a survey or site for guests to submit reviews.

  5. Make more money on average. Self-service capabilities are historically linked to higher ticket sizes because of personalization bolstered by forced modifiers and no fear of judgment when they supersize that combo.

While some customers will undoubtedly be resistant to new technology, you can encourage using QR codes with rewards like a first-time discount if they order off the digital menu rather than a third-party service. Connect with customers on social media to forge more comfortable connections and expand the reach of your online marketing efforts.

 to learn more about digital solutions, a branded merchant app, and a smooth transition into the world of off-premise dining. QR codes are designed to maximize your profit at the greatest possible convenience for you. The next era of restaurant management starts with developing smart online ordering solutions and digital tech solutions. It begins with QR codes and all they have to offer.


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