• Maya

How can restaurants support pride month?

  1. Make your business an affirming place for LGBTQ+ customers at any time, not just during Pride Month. That could mean posting a sign in your window that expresses inclusivity or a Pride flag to let LGBTQ+ people and allies know that they’re safe and welcome inside your doors.

  2. Educate yourself and your staff on LGBTQ+ issues and history. This can help create a more inclusive environment for all of your customers, not just those who identify as LGBTQ+.

  3. Sponsor or participate in local Pride events. This is a great way to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community while also promoting your business.

  4. Donate to LGBTQ+-friendly organizations or causes. This is a great way to give back and show your support for the community.

By taking these steps, you can show your customers that you’re an inclusive business that supports the LGBTQ+ community. This, in turn, can help you attract new customers and build loyalty among your existing customer base.