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Hospitality is Now Entirely Touch-Free

Over the past several years, the restaurant industry has watched its best customers move steadily and reliably toward digitized services that are, as a result, becoming more popular everywhere from small fine dining establishments to chain QSRs.

Digital menus especially took off with coronavirus cases, because digitization provided a way for customers to get their favorite dishes without having to worry about the concerns that were starting to hinder dine-in services. Self-ordering capabilities allowed for increased order accuracy, giving customers time to review and submit their own tickets on their own phones and own time, and also allowing them to choose contactless delivery, takeout or curbside pickup options that enforce social distance regulations.

orderOS is the answer. Connected through your current Point of Sale system, orderOS makes it easy and profitable to handle staff, sales data and customers all at the same time. With scan-to-order capabilities and seamless connectivity, we’ll integrate smoothly into your operations to make business safer, more efficient and more profitable than ever before.

What’s the Buzz About Digital Menus?

Digital menus save your staff time when they don’t have to sanitize every menu between use, and it’s better for the environment as well as your wallet not to be stuck with all those printing costs every time you want to make a slight tweak to the menu.

With digital menus, you no longer have to fear innovation. Make tweaks to your descriptions, upgrade the price of your best-selling dishes and fix small mistakes as soon as you catch them. All of your devices will update with the new information at once so your sales staff is always on the same page and at the top of their game.

Table turns naturally speed up when you use self-ordering capabilities too. When customers just scan a QR code to order their meal, pay and tip all from their own smartphone, they can complete the transaction as soon as they’re done eating. No more waiting for the server to bring over a check. The increased speed and accuracy of ordering will be a big enough draw for customers that guest loyalty will also improve along with more efficient operations. Additionally, your own branded mobile app and optimized website will allow customers to build profiles to quickly reorder their favorites meal. All of these changes are designed to streamline the customer experience and provide the best possible experience for every patron who crosses your threshold.

Technology You Can Trust

Despite integration of customer profiles, orderOS doesn’t save any information for your and your customers’ peace of mind. Our secure, cloud-based servers guarantee safe, fast payment that’s encrypted so there’s a much lower risk of identity theft. Additionally, transactions happen in front of them so their credit cards never even leave their sight.

Self-service also draws in more profit for your business because of automatic modifications and upselling features that naturally increase the size of the average check. When guests choose a certain meal, like a cheeseburger for example, the digital menu automatically suggests that they add fries to the ticket or go up a drink size. Although it’s only a couple extra dollars for the customer, this really adds up for your business over the course of a day.

orderOS is convenient for the modern consumer because it integrates all the technological capabilities that they’ve come to expect from a stellar restaurant experience. Give yourself a shot against competition that are clamoring for more advanced Point of Sale systems too. Give your business orderOS.

This pandemic has changed the trajectory of every restaurant and, indeed, every small business in the hospitality industry forever. Cafés, bars and anyone who serves food and drink understands how health and safety concerns have steeped deep into the core of restaurant operations, unlikely to shift course anytime soon. Contactless services will continue to flourish now that customers and businesses alike have seen how they help sales and overall improve business operations to provide the most seamless and efficient experience for every single patron who dines in or takes out with you.

Get more for less. Book a demo with eatOS today and learn why we’re the leading restaurant technology experts. The future of food service starts here.

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