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Holiday gift guides: One of the best ways to capture your market

Who does not want a gift during the holidays? One of the most effective ways to capture your customers’ loyalty during the busy holiday season is with gift guides. It is believed that these curated lists can help relieve customers’ stress by narrowing down gift ideas. Since directories are tailored to different personas, themes, interests, and price points, it will allow shoppers to decide what works best for their wallet and their loved ones.

Business experts believe that potential benefits are substantial. For example, one study found that emails featuring gift guides generated 48% of transactions compared to other kinds of mailings, showing that it is a great way to convert casual browsers into paying customers. Moreover, thru word of mouth, gift guides can be spread to most of your market since shoppers often share their ideas with friends and family.

Considering that many holidays are approaching, getting those gift guides rolling is the perfect timing! Studies show that about 50 percent of consumers typically start shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa by the end of October. As for restaurants, many diners visit their favorite place to celebrate with families and friends. And those numbers might increase with this year’s inflation concerns. So read on for some tools and tips on creating a great gift guide will all the tools available in 2022.

Create categories that connect with customers

Start by asking yourself some questions: What special menu do your customers already love? What does your sales history show about price-point patterns and preferences? How does your brand connect with more significant trends that your customers care about? Other practical considerations should come into play, like how well gifts can be availed considering heavy foot traffic during holidays.

Let data guide the way

Once you know what customers love, you can start thinking about which items would make great gifts and for whom. It is important to even create a separate “Featured” section on your guide to showcase your bestsellers.

Then create categories according to shopper segments, like these:

  • Gender (Gifts for Them)

  • Price point (Gifts under $20/$50/$100)

  • Interests (Best Gifts for Foodies/Music Lovers/Fashionistas)

  • Age/generation (Best Gifts for GenZ)

  • Relationship types (Gifts for Work Colleagues/Dads/Grandkids)

  • Quirky/amusing (Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything – get creative!)

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