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Healthy Food Trends to Expect This Summer

What Healthy Food Is Trending?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive shift in how Americans dine out. Newfound concerns center on health and wellness, especially when it comes to what we consume. That’s why sales have risen for foods that do something for our bodies. Whether they improve mental health, boost energy, or boost the immune system and digestive health, people want to nourish themselves. This is especially true while fear lingers about a dangerous respiratory virus. That’s why probiotic food and drinks are selling more as well, like kombucha, yogurt, and kefir. Healthy food is getting more popular.

But it’s not just that. More Americans started diets in 2020, too. According to the International Food Information Council, 43% were on diets last year. That beats the few years previous, possibly as part of the wave of people expanding their horizons during quarantine. Dietary-restricted menus draw in people who follow vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, keto, or paleo diets, to name just a few with waves of new followers.

Plant-based menus are also on the rise. Tofu, grains, chickpeas, and similar foods are replacing ingredients in popular dishes. For example, trade beef for beans in that burger, and your new target audience will follow. These alternatives aren’t just good for business and customers’ health; they’re good for the planet, too.

healthy food trends

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What Restaurants Can Do

Even if they don’t end up ordering the healthy option, customers like to know it’s on the menu anyway. According to a 2019 Technomic study, 34% of diners would prefer a restaurant just because of its healthy options.

It doesn’t have to be as complicated as overhauling the whole menu. You can offer ingredient alternatives to appease customers and keep costs down. Have a list of non-meat burgers or gluten-free buns. Milk alternatives have multiplied too, like coconut, almond, and soy. Swapping out ingredients is a simple way to fulfill this rising expectation amongst consumers.

Even just offering healthy side options works, too. You don’t have to exclusively pare down the menu to healthy food choices in order to effectively draw in those new customers. Keep that side of fries and onion fries, and just add grilled veggies or soup as another.

Healthy Food Trends This Summer

In the coming months, the warm weather will keep driving people to try those in-season fruits and vegetables. That will coincide with the rise in digital ordering, like takeout and delivery via QR code or a branded app. For the best restaurant experience, you need a smart and efficient Point of Sale system.

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