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Good News for Restaurants: Uber and Menufy Team Up

Better Delivery Services

Delivery and takeout took off during COVID-19 because customers love the convenience and speed that online ordering affords. That’s why apps like Uber have enjoyed such popularity. It’s safe and contact-free, but just as delicious as going to the restaurant to eat. Lots of restaurants signed up with third party services to get their food to customers, especially since opening your own delivery channel is expensive upfront.

Menufy is a small online ordering platform founded to give restaurants a reprieve from some of the obstacles that Uber presents. It focuses more on independent businesses and smaller chains, ones that can’t necessarily afford the high commission fees that typical third party platforms take, which can equal as much as 30%. With 11K restaurants countrywide, Menufy appeals to restaurants who want to keep all the money they make. Menufy takes no commission fees and accepts a variety of online payments, so some find it worth the tradeoff for less visibility.

Now, with Uber and Menufy combining, restaurants can get all the benefits of both.

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Why Are Consumers Excited?

Everyone’s still clamoring for delivery, even as the pandemic winds down. It’s now the norm to get easy, contactless, fast online orders to your doorstep. With Menufy, they also get a cheap delivery fee of 12.5%, plus a variety of online payments including cryptocurrency. Uber’s partnership ensures fast and reliable delivery by giving Menufy access to more drivers. All of this means greater customer satisfaction.

Brand recognition also comes into play for them. More people know about and use Uber Eats regularly. That means more customers checking that app when they’re hungry, and potentially seeing your restaurant. Then Menufy’s integrated loyalty programs keep customers coming back again and again.

Businesses Get on Board, Too

Increased loyalty is good for your restaurant, too. Returning customers spend more on average than newcomers. Meanwhile, the currently crowded marketplace means everyone will vie for guests’ attention. With Menufy and Uber partnering up, more restaurants will sign up for the service. Then they’ll get more exposure which improves brand recognition and, ultimately, profits.

It helps that they can keep all their earnings without the expenses of hiring a whole delivery staff. With more net profit to work with, you’ll have an easier time getting through the recovery period and back to normal.

Uber and Menufy aren’t the only ones experimenting with better delivery services. Some smart Point of Sale services offer similar advantages. With orderOS for example, we’ll build your own personalized branded merchant app, perfect for starting your own delivery service. Restaurants still keep their profits without a commission, and the app connects to your Point of Sale to consolidate all your sales channels and give more accurate ETAs. That means happier customers and a happier restaurant, too.

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