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Get More Out of Your Restaurant With Data and Analytics

As the restaurant industry moves more and more toward complete digitization, even small businesses have seen the uptick in profit that comes with investing in new industry technology. As hospitality moves online, it’s important that restaurateurs know what devices or features to look for, how they will improve operations, and what effect such an investment will have on profit.

A good Point of Sale system is all but necessary now because modern consumers are used to the ease of faster technology. Switching to a digitized PoS, however, has numerous affects on operations thereafter. Thus it’s important to not just know what numbers to keep an eye on to track if your sales are really picking up, but you have to also know why those numbers matter so you can make appropriate choices to streamline the business. By integrating a better Point of Sale and its wide range of capabilities, you’ll get invaluable insights into your restaurant that you can use to your advantage.

Analytics and Revenue

The better you understand your business, the more effectively you can enact meaningful change. eatOS Point of Sale has automated reporting and analytical features designed to make you more revenue on average.

For example, if you see that Wednesday nights are slow, you might try a few different promotions based on what you think guests want and see which lands by analyzing the sales trends on your PoS. eatOS can handle a large volume of data so you’re always up to speed and ready to maximize the day’s revenue. With us, restaurants also…

  1. Reduce labor expenses by analyzing past sales trends to forecast when you’ll need more or less workers, thus lowering the chance of over- or under-staffing for a night.

  2. Evaluate how much each worker pulls in on average so as to identify your best candidates for promotions and raises, or find out who perhaps needs to retake orientation. You might also consider changing the schedule to track whether other teams work better together.

  3. Keep track of empty tables. If you notice you recurrently have reservations fail to show, you can set up an alert system to remind them before their visit or charge a same-day cancellation fee so you have time to fill the empty tables with walk-ins.

  4. Improve order accuracy and streamline communication between the front and back of house.

  5. Menu analytics that make it easier to optimize the menu and promote best-selling dishes simply by where items are placed on the page.

As you begin to shop around for a better Point of Sale to spur your restaurant to greater success, make sure you’re prioritizing what will truly be useful to you, not just in regards to collecting and analyzing data but also by meeting your other needs just as surely. As a small business, you understand the importance of choosing the right technology that supports what you need, and only what you need—without the frills.

Guest Data

Modern Point of Sale systems are an asset in customer relationship management. Build guest profiles to aggregate key information you can use for contact tracing, digital marketing, loyalty programs and more. Of course, having contact information is always good in case of a COVID-19 outbreak around the time of their visit, and being able to track your regulars’ orders lets you see when they come in, what they order and how much they spend. Hook them into a rewards program with special deals that not only give thanks to your best patrons but can involve them in digital marketing campaigns that boost overall profit and engagement.

Furthermore, speak with guests and gather information right from the source. Find out what they think could use improvement and incorporate those suggestions to bolster what you learn from your PoS and create a truly unbeatable dining experience. Better customer relationships are shown to increase the size of individual tickets, while getting to know their preferences combined with streamlining the rest of your operations also reduces food waste, speeds table turns and improves your inventory management system.

When it comes to running a more efficient restaurant, don’t leave big decisions up to guesswork. Schedule a demo with eatOS and learn how we’re ushering in the new age of restaurant management. It all starts with superior food service technology.

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