Four Best Practices for a Successful Customer Service

It has been observed worldwide that customers return to their usual dining out and enjoy time in restaurants with colleagues, friends, and loved ones. They are not just looking forward to an enjoyable meal, but also the experience once the pandemic had prohibited them quite sometimes. Given these facts, you need

top-tier customer service today more than ever. Apart from that, for operators, making sure diners feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed during their visit is the key. Below are four best practices that can help to enhance the customer experience.

1. Rethink branding and promotions

Business should be dynamic, and elevating consumer opinions regarding your restaurants can be done in many ways. Business owners can consider their rebranding and promotional strategies. They should look into personalizing digital communications, including storing diners’ past online orders, so reordering is a breeze. They can also use coupons by sending them for dishes they’ve previously ordered. It will remind diners that they are not just a source of income for the restaurant but an essential element of brand loyalty. Rewards catered to their specific preferences are done by updating loyalty programs. It helps encourage repeat visits.

2. Entertain during wait times

Since the covid restrictions are not as strict as last year, diners are expected to flock to their favorite spots. The additional safety measures implemented will make the waiting time longer than pre-pandemic. Making sure your customers are entertained while waiting for their food can be helpful to ensure they are having a good time. Consider television programs to boost comfort and enjoyment in waiting areas and to keep customers engaged. Popular sports games, current events, TV, and other programs can prevent your customers from being bored. Moreover, it will excite them for their turn and help distract them from long wait times.

3. Prioritize innovation and order accuracy

According to Technomic’s July 2021 report, Consumers In Year Zero, the number of recent dining occasions driven by the need for novelty has grown 26% over the past two years among Gen Z and millennials. With novelty being a key decision driver for where to dine, operators should prioritize adding new or limited-time offers to the menu to keep diners excited about trying new things. Additionally, the same report found that 92% of consumers say order accuracy is essential when choosing a restaurant. Therefore, operators should have systems in place to ensure order accuracy is high—especially if there are special or specific instructions on a dish.

4. The right POS system fit for your business

Perhaps all business owners worldwide aim for customer satisfaction. That is the primordial reason why adopting technology for your business is vital. From the self-ordering kiosk, Kitchen display system, Online ordering and delivery, and contactless payments. Successful customer service is about keeping them entertained while waiting, being accurate, and developing an excellent business relationship with your clients. Considering those technological advancements, your business is already winning half of your competitors.