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eatOS Welcomes the Restaurant Community

At eatOS, we’re dedicated to bringing every restaurant, big or small, the most cutting edge restaurant technology solutions available on the market.

As long-standing peripheral members of the restaurant community, we understand what tools restaurants need to succeed. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing family-owned restaurants like you the same cutting-edge, state-of-the-art devices that used to be reserved for giants in the field. Now high-tech features are more commonplace, expected by many modern consumers, and available to business owners like you.

We developed a cloud-based platform that’s built into the very fabric of your operations, so you never miss a beat. Customize the interface to your exact specifications so you have a streamlined, personalized experience that’s perfectly designed for your restaurant’s individual needs.

At eatOS, we offer Self-Service Kiosks, Kitchen Display Systems, Contactless Ordering Systems, Workforce Management features and more, all of which integrate into one smart hub, the Point of Sale system, so you can track your data, sales and reporting from one easy-to-use screen. Our cloud-based management system provides simplified, real-time operations and data syncing capabilities that help your team work more efficiently together.

In business, accidents happen, but you don’t have to worry with the right provider. Networks and internet services go down because of technical difficulties, weather-related accidents or other unforeseeable circumstances. Isn’t it best to equip your business with systems that don’t require you to stop just because of a power outage? eatOS-powered devices collect data while you’re offline and then sync all that information up to the cloud as soon as you get back on the network. Additionally, cloud-based management systems let you access the network even when you’re not on-premises, so you don’t have to be on-duty to know how your staff and sales are faring unsupervised. Get all these safe and secure features, and more, when you sign on with our affordable, flexible and cloud-based platform.

Improve the guest experience and meet the innovative restaurant community where they’re at when you get the best technological systems on the market. At affordable price points, we make cutting-edge restaurant technology available to everyone in the industry, whether your business is big or small. Sign up for a demo on any of our unique, state-of-the-art products and let eatOS show your restaurant the future of food service—today. Welcome to eatOS.

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