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eatOS to Integrate Square and Clover

With the right technology, restaurants can process orders easily and swiftly from any of their connected devices. That’s why Square and Clover point of sale apps are already big hits: They’re easy-to-use systems with secure payment methods that ensure customers’ safety and businesses’ prosperity. Now eatOS is integrating with Square and Clover so that restaurants using their advanced software can still get the highest grade hardware available.

Combining their technology with eatOS’s will help everyone get access to the best systems for their restaurant’s needs.

Data Integration on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

What is data integration?

At its most basic, data integration is simply the consolidation of data from multiple different sources into one ecosystem that hosts all that information and makes them work together. For users, it puts all of that data into one source to make it easier for them to access a wide range of information (or in the case of restaurant technology, a wide range of services) from a single screen.

For our purposes, the integrated services of eatOS, Clover and Square work together. Restaurants can download and operate these apps from any eatOS device, because we host their services as well as our own. We’re not forfeiting eatOS software technology; we’re enabling a wide range of businesses to benefit from our hardware even if they already have someone else’s software in place.

How does integration benefit eatOS customers?

Square and Clover are unique PoS systems that have their own individual capabilities. Restaurants will be able to use these apps on their existing eatOS devices to access their unique services without having to purchase whole new systems.

Clover and Square both customize websites for their clients, tailored to each one’s individual needs. This drives up business, sales and subsequently customer loyalty too. With either of these systems, restaurants can capitalize on online ordering among other beneficial features. Customers will be able to order online anywhere, any time and from any device. Getting a website created specifically for your restaurant eliminates the costs of setting one up and still garners the customers and financial rewards from takeout and delivery services. They’re also compatible with mobile devices so that customers can easily look over a menu, complete their order and even get push notifications when their food is on its way.

Why is online ordering so important? In a country still combatting COVID-19, online ordering reduces health and safety risks posed by prolonged face-to-face interactions and the enclosure of a sit-down meal. People are still scared. When restaurants around the world closed down, only a handful were prepared with delivery systems and web stores that kept them in business.

Regardless of the pandemic, online ordering is an increasingly necessary part of any food service business because so many consumers are ordering from the ease and comfort of their mobile device, whether on the go or right from their own homes. It’s 2020, and restaurants need to be online. The combined power of eatOS, Clover and Square can help them get there.


Online ordering helps restaurants:

  1. Easily customize a website for their specific needs, maximizing both uniqueness and profits.

  2. Reduce labor costs.

  3. Speed up overall service time and simultaneously reduce human error.

  4. Add pictures to their menu to entice customers and showcase great recipes. (Just make sure the final product looks like its advertisement!)

  5. Set promotions and other deals that boost overall sales.

  6. Attract and retain new customers.

  7. Manage online and offline sales.

  8. Bring up sales and increase loyalty because of improved customer experiences.

  9. Increase your profits with an expanded sales network, sales channel and secure self-payment options for customers.

Online ordering benefits consumers as well as the restaurant itself. They’ll be able to:

  1. Use self-ordering technology conveniently and on the go.

  2. Skip the line! Pick up food and pay much faster with order-ahead technology, or simply choose delivery so your favorite restaurants come to you.

  3. Ensure swift and safe transactions with their software development kits (SDKs) which include secure payment systems compatible with iOS, Android and more. Never worry about stolen information again.

Restaurants also benefit from the Square App Marketplace which compiles all of the different businesses that integrated Square and puts them together. Gain access to vetted vendors for everything from marketing to help with taxes.

Clover has a feature that manages loyalty points. People can redeem codes on their receipt to get points toward in-app rewards, for example a free coffee for every ten purchases. Customers get all this and more when they sign up with Clover.

By we’re integrating with both these apps, existing eatOS customers can use any of their products and take advantage of all their great features without having to completely overhaul to a new system or give up their eatOs technology that other apps just can’t offer. You can still make use of your self-service kiosk and other devices even if you decide to cross-pollinate and take advantage of Square’s point of sale technology.


Why should Square and Clover customers care about eatOS?

eatOS has a range of products available that make the services offered by apps like Square and Clover even more useful to your restaurant. eatOS has standalone devices that offer unique advantages, so businesses powered by these apps can continue using them while also upgrading their hardware. Get eatOS’s self-service kiosks, kitchen display screens and more to increase sales without requiring a complete system overhaul.

Together, our systems can bring any restaurant the most advanced technology that the service industry has to offer. Use our devices to:

  1. Set up and track loyalty or reward systems.

  2. Upload your menu to easily change item placement, modifier prompts, or to manage your product catalog.

  3. Automatically sync all of your information across any device on your network. It works throughout the entire restaurant so every staff member gets updated at the same time.

  4. Adjust, organize and track your inventory with advanced inventory management tools.

  5. Sync offline orders directly to the cloud as soon as you’re back online. You’ll never have to stop business because of a power outage or any other disruption.

  6. Offer curbside pickup options which promote health and safety especially when COVID-19 is still such a widespread and prevalent concern.

  7. Manage employees more easily: Reduce timecard fraud with our timekeeping software and help them collaborate as a team, supporting sellers and optimizing their own performances.

  8. Send real-time reports directly to your PoS and kitchen display screen (KDS) to improve accuracy and efficiency.

  9. Eliminate lines. Orders get sent directly to the kitchen and payments process instantly, so customers don’t have to wait. Just download either of these apps to eatOS’s self-service kiosk and reap the rewards of both.

Connecting eatOS’S technology with Clover and Square empowers restaurants to build a more successful, highly advanced business. They can get the exact combination of soft- and hardware that fits their needs and budget. Together Square, Clover and eatOS have built a technological ecosystem that will radically shift the way restaurants approach food service.

It doesn’t have to be scary—we’re with you every step of the way. Now the future of food service technology is easy, affordable and always in your hands.

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