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eatOS: The Right Point of Sale for the Holidays

The winter holidays are coming, and it’s going to be a busy time of year even as the pandemic rages on. COVID-19 guarantees that the consumer landscape will never be the same, and W\with guests turning to online ordering systems like delivery and takeout this year, business won’t look like it did this time last year. How can you best equip your restaurant to handle the unprecedented influx of new business via unexpected channels?

Consider investing in a Point of Sale system that maximizes your revenue this upcoming winter. At eatOS, we believe in saving you time, making more money and running your operations smoother than you thought possible.

Point of Sale System

Get a modern, smart hub that can handle all of your restaurant’s needs, from one easy-to-use, interactive interface. We can process a variety of payment methods quickly and with ease so customers don’t have to spend time waiting for the check. You can even create work schedules through our dashboard thanks to integration with the advanced scheduling software, 7Shifts. Automatically create schedules in no time to save on labor costs, handle time off requests with ease, let staff members swap shifts without managerial input, and generally reduce labor costs by automating various time-consuming aspects of workforce management.

We also offer superior reporting and analysis so you can simply auto-generate reports and track everything from inventory to labor, all in real time. Make inventory management more precise, thus reducing costly food waste, and track labor reports to get an overview of your best servers, when you do the most business, what dishes outsell and more.

KPI monitoring and automatic analysis all come together in the dashboard so you can make better business and budgeting decisions. eatOS has your interests in mind.

Self- and Mobile Ordering

Ordering has never been easier or more accurate than when customers handle the whole process themselves. Invest in devices like self-service kiosks, which let guests skip the cashier’s line, speed up the ordering process so you can serve more customers in a day, and generally increase revenue. These devices also raise customer satisfaction because orders are far more accurate when guests can read the menu, input their order and double-check the bill before they pay it. Not having to fear judgment means customers are more likely to add more to each ticket or increase portion sizes, all of which makes you more money on the average check.

eatOS also enables mobile ordering via app, QR code and tableside devices. With these capabilities, it’s easy for customers to pay right from their seats and even on their own smartphones, so they never have to wait for the check. There’s also less risk of their information getting compromised when customers pay on smart and secure software and never have to hand their card off to somebody who walks away with it.

Reservation Software

We don’t just streamline operations for the front and back of house; customers also see material benefits with advanced technology. For example, reservations. Consolidate reservations from various sources such as your personalized merchant app, Google reservations, your website and more, and view them all on one dashboard. Even manage your waitlist with ease and inform guests when their tables are ready with text message reminders. These lower the risk of unexpected cancellations and no-shows. Edit your floor plan to move around reservations and optimize your tables for the best sales.

When you create guest profiles to make reservations, you’re automatically sourcing customer data to give management a clearer idea about their trends and preferences. See who your most loyal customers are, when they come in and what they order regularly. This gives you unique and coveted insight into what they like so you can develop appropriate marketing strategies and promotional deals that will maximize revenue in the long run.

These holidays are sure to be unprecedented and hectic as online ordering systems intersect with COVID-19 regulations and safety precautions. Operating a uniquely heavy workload from a safe distance has never been more possible than when you equip your restaurant with eatOS technology. Remote, easy use from any device syncs all your servers to the same network so your operations run more efficiently than ever before.

Book a demo with eatOS today and let us show you how your restaurant can handle all the increased activity this upcoming winter.

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