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eatOS: The Right Payment Processor for Your Restaurant

When you’re running a restaurant, there’s nothing more important than having a safe and secure payment processing system that accepts a variety of transaction methods and guarantees the safety and security of your customers’ personal information. At eatOS, we specialize in technology that helps your restaurant run smoothly—and we know the guest experience doesn’t end when the plates get cleared. We make sure your business has everything it needs to offer a superior dining experience from when they come in to when they walk out the door.

The good news is that you don’t have to choose between security and variety: Accept popular card providers just as easily as cash payments and never worry about accidentally compromising guests’ identities. When your network is secure, their information is too, which is why we at eatOS choose to connect our clients’ networks through the cloud. Safely access your network from anywhere there’s internet and securely back up your data without having to worry about onsite break-ins.

Our products integrate with most payment processors so no matter what hardware you buy, it’s equipped to handle every customer that chooses your restaurant.

Our Payment Systems

Our Point of Sale and its associated devices are a cloud-based, restaurant management ecosystem that works together to provide a superior customer experience. Naturally, your payment processors need to integrate just as seamlessly into that system. eatOS products are enabled for:

  1. Apple Pay

  2. Google Pay

  3. EMV and contactless payment

No matter how your customers want to pay, you can accept it with eatOS so you never have to turn a potential guest away again.

Card payments

EMV is the standard for smart payments. We at eatOs are future-focused and believe in measuring up to the most quality standards around. Our eatOS software is enabled for EMV payments so you can accept almost all the major payment processors. When it comes to credit cards, a wide range of capabilities is key.

Cash payments

The Point of Sale terminal started out as just a cash register, so it should keep that classic ability. Add a cash drawer to your terminal and accept cash payments as easily as you do touch-free transactions. With our advanced Point of Sale system, you can still track your sales data even when it’s consolidating multiple payment methods into one report.

Mobile payments

Nowadays, customers are using methods besides physical cash or cards. As technology advances and ordering happens on-the-go more and more frequently, restaurants need to be equipped with online ordering systems and Point of Sale devices that can handle mobile transactions including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Why eatOS?

Restaurants need to meet their customers where they’re at, and that’s why all of us at eatOS believe in equipping your restaurant with payment systems that can handle all the most popular methods. In fact, eatOS devices also operate in offline mode so you can process every type of transaction no matter what trouble occurs behind the scenes. If your network goes down, our technology keeps working and simply syncs back to the cloud once the internet is back up and running. eatOS works for you so you can do better by your customers, each and every time.

Every restaurant deserves quick payment capabilities and easy processing systems. Why should transactions be difficult or take a long time? Your restaurant deserves the best equipment for collecting payments, authorizing cards and promoting a smoother guest experience for everyone. Book a demo today to find out how else eatOS is shaping the restaurant industry for the better.

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