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eatOS: Table Management Made Easy

Point of Sale terminals might have started out as regular cash registers, but they’ve significantly evolved in the intervening decades. Now Point of Sale terminals can handle cash management as well as a variety of other features that make restaurants run smoother and more efficiently than ever before.

At eatOS, we believe in continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for restaurant management. That’s why we designed a Point of Sale that has cutting-edge features like real-time menu management, online and offline modes, multi-user control, multi-device capabilities to sync every device in the store in real time, cloud-based data storage and third party API integration. We also offer table management features that make handling your restaurant from any Point of Sale device easy and efficient to make your operations run problem-free.

What makes eatOS the right Point of Sale for your restaurant and its customers?

Take Control of Service Areas

It’s easy to handle your service area when your restaurant is equipped with the proper technology. The better control you exercise over service areas, the more you can tailor your customers’ experience to maximize their satisfaction. Track occupancy to effectively monitor your busyness throughout the day, thus identifying peak times and slow times, most popular days of the week and more. All of this helps you make better business decisions to save money and improve operational efficiency for the future because you’ll know when to run promotions, how much staff to schedule at any given time, and more.

While you’re seeing who comes into your business and when, customers will also experience a better time dining out because of these same features. Deep table management analytics let you provide faster and more accurate service which gets orders and checks out to the tables without the wait, increasing table turn times and making more satisfied guests.

Create Customer Profiles

Sourcing information about your most loyal customers helps you develop stronger marketing tactics and make day-to-day business decisions that will best optimize their experience and your bottom line. When you integrate customer profiles into your operations, you can learn about each visitor on an individual level and thus keep track of their favorite foods for quick reordering, offer special birthday rewards, track and monitor allergies and more. When you have this information, you can tailor each experience to their liking and make sure every time is as good as their first. With these profiles, you can continually foster customer loyalty via rewards programs that drive repeat visits by promising special offers if they come back, simultaneously gathering more data on them to provide a seamless and satisfactory experience when they do return.

Learning about your customers means developing stronger relationships on an individual basis. All of this makes your restaurant a preferred place to dine out.

Ordering Made Easy

Seat-level ordering allows increased efficiency because customers browse and choose from the menu right from their table. While customers enjoy an easier time getting their food, and a faster process overall, you can track every table at once with live table status updates from your Point of Sale devices. Monitoring and adjusting for unexpected occurrences in the dining area is all made easier with technology.

Enhance the customer journey from start to finish when you have table management features like what you’ll get when you sign up with eatOS. Book a demo with us today and learn how to build your floor plan, manage your service areas, create customer profiles and more to boost sales and enhance every guest’s time when they dine out with your business.

Restaurant management doesn’t have to be a headache. Let it work for you with the advanced technology at eatOS. We make handling your tables simpler and more effective than ever before.


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