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eatOS: Restaurant Management Made Simple

Welcome to eatOS, where we understand that the best businesses run on speed and efficiency. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to outfit you with the most state-of-the-art technology available, so you can manage all the moving parts of your restaurant without any of the usual hassle. We do the work so you don’t have to.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our Point of Sale system, and the other associated devices that we offer, was designed with your needs in mind. We understand that smooth restaurant management in the twenty-first century means putting your faith in web-based services like tableside ordering, mobile browsing, pay-at-table capabilities, fast and safe transactions and more. That’s why we worked so hard to provide a Point of Sale solution just for you.

Terminals powered by eatOS automatically sync the data from all the tablets, iPads and other devices connected to your network onto one easy-to-use screen so you can track your sales and reporting in real time. Our intuitive system makes it easy to train new employees so you don’t waste money on a lengthy hiring process, a consideration that’s critical for an industry famous for its high employee turnover rates.

What exactly is so easy about eatOS?

eatOS is a restaurant POS software, we made it simple to manage your employees and track your data. We don’t just consolidate information on the main hub—we also do the analytics and reporting for you. We make your budgeting and operational decisions easier than ever before. With auto-generated reporting features, you can see your slowest and busiest times of the day or year, which employees outperform, and more—all with the tap of a single screen. The ability to view your restaurant’s performance over time based on a variety of metrics gives you critical information that influences budgeting and hiring decisions, promotions and more. eatOS’s interface makes it easier than ever to get your job done right.

Moreover, you can view these statistics from anywhere and at any time. With the right permissions, you can see the health of the business even without being on-site, which allows you to relax instead of having to constantly be hands-on monitoring the customer experience. Sign in from anywhere there’s internet and easily view all of this information from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. You can also update your devices from afar, or set them to automatically do so when the restaurant is closed so your operations never miss a beat.

Connecting with your guests and providing them with a seamless restaurant experience is critical for restaurant. In the time of COVID-19, it’s especially vital that you have a reliable avenue to manage customer relationships and engage with the community in a meaningful way. That’s why we focus so hard on giving you the ability to better manage your customer relationships as well as all other aspects of the restaurant, from your employees to your menu to your sales and beyond.

Restaurant management has never been simpler, more accessible or better for business. Get a demo today and find out why restaurant owners all over are upgrading their hard- and software to eatOS.


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