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eatOS Joins the Fight for Restaurant Recovery

It’s been a very tough year for the hospitality industry. The COVID-19 pandemic devastated restaurants all over the world to an unprecedented degree with no sign of stopping, forcing many businesses to close after months of financial struggle. A lot of owners wondered how long this pandemic would last and how they were supposed to get their businesses healthy again while the virus still poses such a significant threat, and even beyond that. What will the future of foodservice look like when this is through?

Fortunately, there’s a solution: From November 17th to January 31st, the Restaurant Recovery Summit is happening online, bringing restaurants together to fight these unprecedented times with support from others all around the world.

What’s the Summit All About?

Community is more important than ever in these difficult times. That’s why eatOS is joining other businesses in the hospitality industry at the summit this winter, as we pool our knowledge and resources together to help restaurateurs weather the storm. This virtual networking event gathers industry professionals of all different backgrounds and skillsets to create a comprehensive learning environment with something new for everyone to learn.

With forty leaders scheduled to speak, these experts cover a range of topics via webinars, workshops, and discussion boards. The aim is to promote a virtual community of restaurateurs and all of the business professionals who make it possible to succeed.

It’s going to be difficult to create a profitable business moving forward; that’s why this summit exists, to give restaurant owners a clearer vision of the current market as well as what it will look like moving forward. Together we can form valuable ideas for the future.

What Will Restaurants Get Out of the Summit?

There are a variety of topics that the event covers. From the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 to how restaurant technology is evolving to confront those very issues, general public health notices, the future of the economy as a whole, how to improve customer experiences, insights on upcoming industry trends, how to cultivate a contactless experience, restaurateurs can even find general tips about delivery and cooking techniques. If you’ve ever wondered about a topic, this summit has a discussion thread about it.

eatOS is excited to be a part of this opportunity for industry growth. We believe in the power of knowledge, experience, and community because that’s what will help restaurants begin to find their footing again after all of this is done.

The summit is also taking part intangible relief efforts: They’re accepting donations for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund hosted by the other NRA’s Educational Foundation. The NRAEF trains and educates people from diverse backgrounds to set them up with a future career in the foodservice industry. By endorsing this charity work, the summit is investing directly in the development and mentorship of newcomers to hospitality. Join a comprehensive network dedicated to propelling disadvantaged but career-oriented individuals into a successful future in foodservice by supporting the summit this winter.

It’s critical any time, but especially in moments like these, for restaurants to have resources and a community to fall back on when things get tough. Ask those difficult questions, reach out for help and find out what the future is likely to hold: That’s what the Restaurant Recovery Summit is here for. Find out more or join the event on their website to participate in a community of smart, like-minded restaurateurs building a better future together.

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