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eatOS Integrates with Square and Gusto

As a leader in food service technology, eatOS constantly develops new solutions that propel restaurants into the future. That’s why we partner with other industry leaders. Together, we develop technology solutions tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

Now, we’re rolling out new integrations with Square and Gusto to provide the best possible restaurant experience.

Integrating with Square

Square’s point of sale system grew popular for their cutting-edge capabilities. Integration with eatOS expands Square’s current system so that users can get all the perks of Square as well as new devices from eatOS that will grow their business.

For example Square users can have technologies like our self-service kiosk or kitchen display screen, both of which seamlessly connect with Square so you don’t have to completely overhaul your point of sale system in order to benefit from using eatOS. You can run Square on any eatOS device which gives you access to everything we have to offer, including:

  1. Self-Service Kiosks: Let customers complete their orders completely by themselves. Upload your menu, enable upselling features and have customers complete transactions on their own. Orders placed on our eatOS kiosks go directly to Square’s system, making it easier to track order status and completion.

  2. Kitchen Display Screens: View orders as soon as they come in so kitchen staff can get cooking ASAP. Our KDS communicates seamlessly with both Square and eatOS point of sale to get food out faster and hasten table turn time.

  3. Menu Transfer Capability: Upload your menu from your Square point of sale account directly onto our eatOS Dashboard. Don’t waste time manually entering all that information twice; see it right on your kiosk and other eatOS devices thanks to backwards menu compatibility.

  4. Payment: Existing Square merchants won’t lose customers because of this integration with eatOS. All of Square’s payment hardware works with eatOS products so that restaurants can accept any payment that they already did with their current credit card processing system.

We’re providing additional value for products that Square users already have or plan to invest in. By improving daily operations, they can better serve their loyal customer base. Get more with Square’s integration into eatOS.


Integrating with Gusto

We’re also excited to announce our integration with Gusto, the payroll management system that makes accounting easy.

Use your eatOS point of sale system to revolutionize employee management. Just add your workforce to the eatOS system and we’ll track their time, set a pay period and automatically sync employee hours directly to Gusto so you don’t have to do any of that work manually.

Gusto changes the game for accounting systems. With this new integration, restaurant partners can:

  1. Take advantage of automatic syncing capabilities that will scale as your business grows. Let Gusto reduce your workload by automatically making an entry each time you do payroll.

  2. Reduce human error. Say goodbye to the days of double entries and transposition mistakes; Gusto organizes your books, helps file taxes on time and gets you tax credits.

  3. Access real-time data that allow you to make smart, informed business decision and better plan for the future.

  4. Sync with a myriad of popular accounting software platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, Aplos, Freshbooks, Zipbooks and more. Don’t manually enter payroll; save up to 54% of your time with this Gusto integration.

Gusto is cloud-based so you get automatic updates, extra security and integration with other accounting software applications. It’s easy to use to ensure smooth operation, making payroll one less thing to worry about. There’s no long-term contract or hidden fees, only Gusto’s dedication to helping you find trusted business solutions that help your business grow.

Join eatOS

eatOS not only gives you the best food service technology available but also finds likeminded businesses who want to grow restaurants, breweries and others in the hospitality industry. New integration with Square and Gusto will help the food service industry flourish by putting an emphasis on employee management, self-service, customer satisfaction and easy-to-use advanced restaurant technology. Welcome to the future.

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