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How's Your Customer Service?

Customer satisfaction is the most important part of any restaurant. Loyal guests are the cornerstone of successful businesses, with repeated patronage offering much-needed profit and free word-of-mouth advertisement when they recommend you to their friends.

With extra focus on positive customer interactions and catering to their needs, you’ll build a stronger business with a dedicated audience who wants to see you succeed as much as you do. How can you curate a more positive customer service experience for each and every customer?

Better Customer Service

Pay Attention

Talking with your customers is the best way to know what will make them happy: Get your information straight from the source. Guarantee more accurate and fuller answers when you speak to them directly. Go through your review sites or even ask them for feedback directly through your PoS system with advanced restaurant software like the one offered through eatOS Point of Sale. Our automatic reporting features let you see sales data trends so you can address which systems are working and which needs tweaks. Good or bad, it’s important to keep an eye on your restaurant reviews so you can handle complaints, thank guests for their feedback and encourage another visit to see what changes you’ve made since.

Social media is perhaps one of the most important indicators of consumer preferences. People are very open about what they want on social media, so connecting online lets you learn their interests and stay in the forefront of their thoughts. Follow competitors, food blogs, influencers and industry experts to stay on top of current trends and industry preferences as they change.

Listen to Feedback

Customers love to give feedback: Whether you ask directly for a review via PoS system or leave guests to their own devices, people will nonetheless take to the internet about their experience. Although not every complaint will be reasonable or fixable, sometimes you should take these suggestions to heart. There are always ways to improve operations, for example cleaning your space more frequently if guests are unimpressed with the sanitation in your establishment. Maybe staff members need a uniform to look presentable or tables are left dirty; in a post-COVID world, guests will need to feel like the space is as clean as it really is.

Prompt Service

Nobody likes to wait. Streamline your off-premise ordering processes to improve communication between guests and staff, and hasten how fast orders come out of the kitchen. eatOS Point of Sale inputs orders automatically from your online ordering platform to your Kitchen Display System, cutting down on how long it takes orders to get out to their tables or the delivery couriers.

When mistakes do happen, feedback taken on eatOS Point of Sale can help you handle complaints more effectively. Show customers that their satisfaction is your priority: Respond quickly and professionally to customer feedback and address their concerns before they have a chance to fester in it, or even leave the premises.

Order Accuracy

Make sure what’s advertised is what arrives in front of the customer. Everyone wants to get their money’s worth. Either invest in sealed packaging that keeps temperatures controlled or make food a little hotter or colder than necessary so by the time delivery gets to the door, it’s perfect to eat. Self-service technology, like eatOS online ordering platforms or Kiosk, makes each order more accurate because it removes the potential for human error; and increases the average check size because of easy customization and modifications.

The Future of Guest Satisfaction

The restaurant world is digital, and your business has to be too. From loyalty programs that encourage guests to return with their friends again and again, to new social media marketing campaigns that increase user-generated content and audience engagement, restaurants need to optimize themselves for online and mobile ordering to best cater to what guests all over the world want and even expect.

With eatOS at your side, your restaurant will build a stronger network of loyal customers who want to help you flourish. Show your appreciation for their dedicated patronage when you invest back in their satisfaction: Schedule a demo with eatOS and together, we’ll bring your business into the future of food service.


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