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Does Your Restaurant Need More Workers, or Just Self-Service?

Restaurants have spent 2020 adjusting to new systems and revenue sources, but as the world eventually moves beyond COVID-19, dine-in services are going to need to be as streamlined as your delivery operations certainly are by now.

When the business finally picks up, you’ll find yourself trying to navigate the old industry landscape, complete with ever-changing consumer trends and Point of Sale tech breakthroughs. Restaurant technology always advances alongside consumer preferences and restaurateurs’ needs. You can hire more employees to meet the surge in demand or invest in self-service devices like the Kiosk by eatOS. Is the night shift too busy to clean up, habitually leaving messes for the opening shift? Our Kiosk helps handle the rush, so you can dispatch a few workers to get started on closing tasks in time. 

Kiosks used to be an exclusive perk of chain restaurants, but not anymore. With labor costs, a burdensome expense to wrangle, and profit margins habitually thin, investing in self-service technology might be precisely the revitalization your restaurant needs.

Why not hire more workers?

When you’re flooded with new business, your instinct may be to meet the influx of more workers. It makes sense, primarily because they would slot into current operations with minimal shock to things’ overall flow. Unfortunately, this isn’t the simple solution it seems: Minimum wage has been rising steadily for years and continues to be one of the reasons that industry labor costs are so high. Instead of shelling out even more on your employees, meaning you’ll have to make even more profit on average to make up for the expense, or you can find a smarter alternative.

All around the country, no matter what style of restaurant they prefer, customers are interested in technology solutions like our Kiosk. It’s not just a preference: More and more often, guests expect self-service. They want the option to handle the transaction themselves to create a ticket with their exact specifications. Self-service provides less chance for human error, shortens lines, and hastens turn times, so all your customers get better service faster.

What makes Kiosks superior?

When customers can choose their entire order without communicating through a mediator, they checkout faster, which shortens the cashier’s line and everybody else’s wait times as a result. Give every customer frictionless service with a PoS system that sends orders straight to the kitchen so cooks can get started on their meals right away. Kitchen Display Screens by eatOS automatically input orders to the kitchen’s screen, so guests don’t have to wait for servers to walk to the back of the house. You serve more guests in a day, every day, thus improving your overall profits and potentially garnering more loyal customers too.

Add just one Kiosk to your existing lineup of servers; despite the initial investment, you’ll make your money back in just one shift if you employ our technological solutions rather than hiring an extra worker and spending time and money to train them on the job.

hire more workers

Does Your Restaurant Need More Workers, or Just Self-Service?

When bosses introduce technology solutions, their employees fear it’s going to replace their job. This isn’t the case at all: eatOS Self-Service Kiosk adds revenue opportunities and works alongside your existing staff to boost turn times. They allow your workers to spend time in areas of the business that need more attention. For example, servers can get to know each table better, which lets you perfect your targeted marketing campaigns and know which deals and specials to offer that intrigue your core audience’s palate.

eatOS Point of Sale works with your existing staff members to bolster your operations’ overall efficiency so your workers can focus on the human aspects of the job that technology doesn’t cover. We process transactions faster, make it easier to calculate tips, speed up turn times, and more, all with our state-of-the-art Point of Sale and associated devices that make restaurant management simple. Meanwhile, your staff can get to talking with loyal customers to help you make more informed business decisions.

 Book a demo with eatOS, and we’ll introduce you to just how effective technology combined with your exceptional staff can be. The future of foodservice is nowhere.  

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