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Does Your Food Delivery Meet COVID-19 Safety Standards?

Food delivery: Since the pandemic began, it’s been the saving grace of the restaurant community and become such a strong customer favorite that it’s set to remain a hot trend long after we’re all vaccinated. Contactless service options have become prolific enough that customers expect online ordering solutions that safeguard them against COVID-19. Why not be part of the answer?

Streamlining the delivery system at your restaurant means making safer business decisions for everybody. FDA regulations taken into account already, you should check the rules in your specific state to guarantee complete compliance.

How can you make safer food deliveries overall?

Food Delivery

Does Your Food Delivery Meet COVID-19 Safety Standards?

Guarantee Food Safety


Delivery drivers and in-house workers need to know when food was made and what’s in each package so they can be sure they’re bringing the right order to each door. Reduce human error by labeling each package so you get fewer calls about wrong orders, which can really add up over time. Whether you use your own couriers or a third party service, delivery runs smoother with labels.

Package and Protect

Your packaging matters. For example, choosing paper over styrofoam will resonate with eco-conscious customers who appreciate feeling like you share their morals and values; that little choice could win you at least one loyal visitor for life. Consider the type of packaging as well as whether it has compartments so food doesn’t slide around, if it’s tight enough to prevent spills and leaks, and if you should ventilate to prevent soggy food on arrival.

Food Temperature

It’s not enough for cooks to make each dish hot or cold as it needs to be on arrival; you have to take travel time into account. Coordinate your system so either everything gets cooked a little hotter than it needs to be, guaranteeing that it arrives at an appropriate temperature, or invest in well-sealed packaging so food gets to the door similar to how it comes out of the kitchen.


First you need to decide whether you want to use your own or a third party service; with eatOS we’ll give you a personalized, branded merchant app to get your online ordering system up and running quickly. Unlike with third party apps, you get to keep all the profit.

With that decision made, you should consider the mode of transportation as well. A bike versus a car might change your delivery radius because it will affect meals’ qualities on arrival.

COVID-19 Safety Standards

Does Your Food Delivery Meet COVID-19 Safety Standards?

The Future of Food Service

Make a commitment to health and safety this New Year. As the COVID-19 pandemic hopefully winds down, let’s help end it by pledging to make smarter, safer delivery decisions. From FDA safety standards to contactless options and mobile ordering that let people social distance to their comfort, the future of food delivery can be safer, streamlined and profitable. How?

Make eatOS technology solutions your own. We’ll set you up with orderOS, your personalized merchant app, and an online ordering platform where you reap all the profits. We streamline communication between your front and back of house, make payroll easier and automate relevant reports for better budgeting decisions. Enjoy these benefits, better delivery and more: It all starts with booking a demo. Let’s enter the future of food delivery stronger, smarter and safer in 2021.

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