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Do You Need Stronger Restaurant Management Systems?

Restaurant management systems ensure operations run smoothly every single day. Repetitive quality service breeds customer loyalty, and those guests will likely spend more per ticket than new patrons. This underlines the importance of running a tight ship. Restaurant management systems streamline operations to make workers’ jobs easier while still providing great customer service.

From workforce management to rewards programs and more, strong restaurants need cutting-edge Point of Sales.

restaurant management systems

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What Are Restaurant Management Systems?

Point of Sale Systems

The Point of Sale is the hub of operations. Old systems that do little more than take payments add more to your manual workload. Cloud-based POS like those powered by eatOS reduce the chance of human error and give you more time to create a great customer experience.

Smart POS systems analyze customer behavior in automatic reports. Collecting guest data lets you predict what they’re likely to do in the future; create personalized marketing campaigns designed to draw them in, offer promotions you know they crave, and accurately predict how much inventory or staff on any given day.

Meanwhile, management doesn’t have to stay on site to know what’s going on with the business. eatOS offers remote access capabilities so your credentials work wherever there’s internet access. Make sure business runs smoothly while you’re away on vacation or busy elsewhere. This feature also enables eatOS to scale with your business. When you open a new location, you can keep track of comparative sales reports and identify which venue gains more profit and why. eatOS offers side-by-side, multi-location reports or shows store-level details for in-depth analysis.

Workforce Management

eatOS comes equipped with features to train and manage your team more effectively so they’re always at their best. For example, our clock-in app lets them begin and end shifts from their phones so they don’t have to struggle across a busy service floor to get to the back; instead, they hit the ground running. Geofencing technology prevents timecard fraud despite this convenience. Management also gets notifications when employees need to take breaks or clock out, thus reducing your overtime expenses significantly.

We also make scheduling simple. Why spend so many hours each work working out shifts? eatOS integration with 7Shifts provides a streamlined schedule that takes less time to create. We’re also integrated with Gusto, accounting software that automates payroll and takes the manual calculations off your plate. Manage and analyze your finances with a lower margin of error with eatOS to save both time and money.

Online Ordering

The rising trend of takeout and delivery is projected to last past the end of this pandemic. If you haven’t already, take time to design an online ordering platform that draws the eye. Third-party services take commission fees that can reach up to 30%. Using your own website, or signing up with eatOS for a free branded merchant app, gives you control over the delivery experience. Manage all your orders no matter where they come in, aggregate data on one easy-to-read screen, and generate accurate, real-time sales reports to make better business decisions moving forward. It all starts with a better online ordering platform.


Digital marketing now plays one of the biggest roles in modern advertising. From loyalty programs to email newsletters, analyzing POS metrics to view common trends and traffic patterns at your establishments tells you which promotions will likely go over best with customers. Encourage conversion from third-party apps you may already use as an easy marketing tool to your personal app or website, so you can move away from those costly fees.

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Why Do You Need Restaurant Management Systems?

Technology like this streamlines your restaurant to maximize their potential. From automatic updates that ensure constant accuracy to simplified operations that require less time and generate more profit, advanced Point of Sales are the future of foodservice for a reason.

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