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Dealing With the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the virus and panic spread, people, industries and even governments are taking bigger and bigger safety measures in an attempt to stop the spread and contain the damage.

With many places banning dine-in service, others reducing their hours or staff, and many closing altogether, restaurants around the world are wondering how to handle their staff and business. Many don’t know if they’ll open again after the pandemic is over. This is uncharted territory for customers and businesses alike.

What can you do?

Workers are calling off sick or — worse — not calling off at all


and coming in, potentially spreading the virus to others. Dine-in customers have all but dried up, though online ordering might have seen a steep uptick in popularity over the past few weeks. It’s definitely not business as usual.

That’s why we’re organizing this booklet to help you figure out how to manage your restaurant during this difficult and confusing time. With so many questions and so few answers, we want to help you understand how to handle sick workers, deal with the panic and manage a declining customer base as more and more people practice social isolation.

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