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Creating a Strong Company Culture

What Is Company Culture?

Company culture defines the working experience. Restaurant jobs can be demanding, so keeping your employees happy matters for their, and your business’s, long-term benefit. In an industry rife with employee turnover, improving workplace morale could be the key to keeping them around long-term. The company culture directly contributes to that.

Consider what values and behaviors have become normalized within the restaurant. What unique environment will new hires walk into on their first day? The company culture is apparent in everything from dress code to business hours, benefits, employee turnover, the customer experience, and how employees treat one another. So how do you make sure they keep up with your company values?

First, build a clear mission statement and standards for the restaurant. This will set expectations about inter-staff treatment, communication, and behavior from the start.

Strong Company Culture Matter

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Why Does a Strong Company Culture Matter?

A positive, tight-knit workplace makes employees feel content on the job. Not only does this lessen their likelihood of quitting for someplace better, but they’ll work harder and feel less drained after each shift. In short, your staff will be happier. Forbes reports that businesses who work to cultivate a good company culture get back four times the profit.

How is this possible? When employees work harder, they become more efficient, provide better customer service, and ultimately convince guests to come back for more. Ultimately it all connects back to loyalty and revenue.

How to Improve

The clearer your professional values and goals, the better you can direct your staff to reflect them day-to-day. This defines their communication and treatment of each other. For example, do you prioritize collaboration or independence? This shapes their customer service, too.

Ask your staff what kind of workplace culture they value so as to build a collective ideal. Then, consider these characteristics and preferences moving forward. As you hire new people, build a second location or scale, find hires who will fit in with the current company culture. Onboarding will go much smoother.

Communication is key. To build a strong business with your employees, clearly lay out what you want and how they should approach customer service in a way that best represents the brand. Company culture informs every aspect of the job. Building a stronger, closer group of coworkers will have a ripple effect on your business for the better. Demonstrate good behavior with superior workforce management and leadership skills, and they’ll replicate the proper way of doing things naturally.

Workforce Management

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Workforce Management

A good company culture motivates staff to do better, but how can you guarantee that you’ve really streamlined service to the best of your ability? Combine a productive team with workforce management software capable of keeping up with your business.

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