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Contactless Payment: The Future of Restaurant Service

With COVID-19 still a real and prevalent threat, dining out is more dangerous than ever before. That’s why it’s so important that contactless payment methods exist to make it a little bit safer to visit your favorite restaurants during this time. Although the contact-free trend was rising in popularity before the pandemic, it’s now gone from a preference to an expectation for a lot of consumers.

What is contactless payment?

Contactless payment‘ refers to any transaction that gets completed without physical contact between the customer’s payment method and the Point of Sale system. Oftentimes, that also includes the handing off the bill as well. Because of the nature of these transactions, contactless payments are always made with credit or debit cards or from a mobile device. With the pandemic, 69% of guests prefer dining out somewhere that has these capabilities enabled.

Not all contactless payment methods are the same. Mobile payments like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay count; as do credit or debit cards processed by EMV-compliant devices. EMV refers to the technical standard for payment as developed by major credit card companies and adopted universally. It’s the safety standard for most processors.

eatOS has EMV-enabled technology that comply with customers’ expectations and offers only the most safe and secure transactions for our merchant partners. Each guest can guarantee that their information won’t be compromised and is never at risk of getting stolen—both because of our capable Point of Sale as well as cloud-based storage that locks up all restaurant data where it’s safe from physical break-ins. Owners can still access their restaurant’s data from anywhere they have internet. Cloud-based storage combined with secure transaction methods make payment safer and easier than ever before.

Contactless payment can also refer to QR codes.

QR code ordering

QR is the next up-and-coming technology solution for food service. eatOS makes ordering and payment easy with QR codes that we personalize for each restaurant who signs up for our app. Customers can view the menu from their phones, browse and order straight from their seats. They pay for their meals that way too. Just scan, read and buy.

QR codes are good for servers and customers. Everyone benefits from social distance and reduced physical contact during dine-in services, staff and guests alike; that’s one area that COVID-19 has changed for the long-term, possibly forever.

Display the code in an obvious spot to drive usage, such as in existing table stands, as part of the table or wall decor, on the hostess stand, as stickers or signs on the wall, in the storefront or simply presented to guests by the server.

Whichever contactless transaction method you choose, our technology solutions will bring it to the next level. We swiftly and easily accept all payment types so you never have to worry about missing a sale. Book a demo with eatOS and we’ll show you how we’re making food service more satisfactory, faster and more secure with our state-of-the-art technology. Bring your restaurant into the future, today.

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