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Choosing the Right PoS Software for Your Restaurant

As a restaurateur, it’s up to you to ensure every aspect of your business runs as smoothly as it possibly can. Managing a full team, the customer experience and everything else it takes to build a successful restaurant can be a massive challenge. That’s why you need a Point of Sale system that keeps up with the fast-growing market and streamlines operations overall.

Choosing the right Point of Sale software is a weighty decision. When you’re shopping around with different vendors, take the time to demo and test out all of their different features so you know you’re getting exactly what you want and what you need, and also think about what’s necessary to generate the most productivity from staff and satisfaction from guests. As you’re considering different softwares, there are a few capabilities that you should be sure to keep a lookout for.

1. Streamline Customer Experience

It’s never been easier for customers to view their receipts, pay from the table or split checks than with advanced PoS software like that offered by eatOS. We seek to make the customer experience as easy to manage as possible so everybody has a better, faster time dining out. This improves your table turn times and their satisfaction, which increases the likelihood that they’ll return. We also take a variety of payment methods for everyone’s convenience.

2. Easy-to-Use Interface

As long as your internet can handle the workload, your Point of Sale system shouldn’t be slow or difficult to use. It’s there to help your business, not make it harder to manage. We’ve designed an interface that’s quick to learn and operate so new recruits can jump right into their roles after training. They can clock right in and out from our app, which is also equipped with geofencing capabilities to ensure they only do so on-premises thus reducing the risk of timecard fraud; and we automate certain processes, like payroll, to make your books more accurate. We believe in management made simple: It’s even free to update your software, remotely and automatically, so upgrades never interrupt the flow of business.

3. Enhanced Security

With advanced technology naturally follows better safety and security that fall in line with the current times. Encrypting data in the cloud adds an extra layer of security so your and your customers’ data is less at risk from criminal behavior. You can also set up automatic data backups for added insurance, simply letting it run whenever is convenient for you. Support and updates are also free with eatOS to ensure your restaurant always runs without a hitch.

4. Data Management

Old desktop systems can be clunky and difficult to use, and they also make data storage more of a pain. Rather than keeping everything locked in the backroom where it’s vulnerable to physical theft or damage from natural causes, eatOS stores information in the cloud to nullify these risks. It’s also easy to boot up a digital system for small tasks like updating the schedule or daily specials menu, rather than having to wait for a SaaS system to boot up for a few seconds of work.

5. Real-Time Reporting

We believe that only the most accurate, up-to-the-minute reporting will suffice. View overall best selling products, busiest days and times, and even which areas are the most profitable. All of this information helps you implement better strategies for workforce management, labor, inventory costs and even building your customer base. Better business decisions start with better information.

6. Inventory Management

It’s no secret that the food service industry operates on famously thin profit margins. That means that you need better inventory management tools that avoid food waste and overstocking. Track your ingredients to make sure it’s all going to use—or if not, where you need to streamline along the chain of command to increase efficiency in the kitchen. Reducing food waste saves money and is better for the environment, too.

7. Faster Service

When it comes down to it, all the cutting-edge features in the world won’t help if your restaurant can’t smoothly integrate them into daily operations. That means encouraging, not hindering, the fast and efficient service that customers have come to expect. Earn better tips, get happier guests and develop a seamless service experience with technology that speeds up the process. You deserve a Point of Sale system that works for you.

At eatOS, we understand that your business is your top priority. That’s why we designed Point of Sale technology and associated devices that are here to help you operate better. Book a demo with us and we’ll introduce you to a whole new world of software abilities.

Don’t fall behind in a competitive market; get PoS software that promotes the health, happiness and profitability of your business in the long run. Whether you plan to expand your audience, open new locations, or continue making your current system of operations run as efficiently as it possibly can, you’ll need cutting-edge software by your side to support those goals. With eatOS you get a Point of Sale that’s just as capable, hardworking and ambitious as you.

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