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Checkouts Made Easy by eatOS

Restaurant technology is evolving rapidly, and it can be hard to adapt to new technology while implementing it effectively at the same time. At eatOS, we believe in avoiding superfluous changes. We make devices expedite and smooth over key aspects of business operations. Our technological ecosystem is designed to make your restaurant run better so you spend less money and still develop relationships with your loyal, more satisfied customers.

That’s why we’'ve developed a Self-Service Kiosk like no other. We believe in giving businesses the tools they need to reduce labor costs, wait times and operational costs while still cultivating a positive customer experience every time.

Lower Costs

Advanced technology can seem like a big investment, but you’re actually saving a lot of money on labor costs when you rely more on self-service experiences. Reduce the line for the cashier by installing Kiosks somewhere well-lit and highly trafficked to draw customers’ attention to them. With the money you save from having an employee clock in for the day, you’ll break even almost immediately and start seeing improved profits within a matter of days

The average check size increases too when you employ self-ordering technology. When people have the time and space to browse the menu at length and customize the order to their exact specifications, that personalization encourages repeat visits and also has a tendency to grow the average check size because people are more likely to modify their cart and increase their portions when they order from a screen rather than in person face-to-face.

Shorten Wait Times

Lines decrease with self-ordering technology too. Our smart and simple kiosk ordering system makes checkout easy so guests aren’t left fumbling with the screen. Streamline the ordering process by bypassing face-to-face interactions and allowing customers to submit tickets straight to the kitchen, so cooks can get started on their meals right away and get them out to the tables faster. This streamlines the ordering process so customers can be seated or get their food sooner because they don’t have to wait for the server to go back and forth from the kitchen.

Improve Customer Experience

Let your team focus on creating the best possible customer experience, not taking orders and pushing buttons, so they can improve guest satisfaction overall by obtaining our kiosk for restaurants. Our durable hardware is designed to be handled, and customers can operate Kiosks without fear of breakage or dirty screens. Encourage social distance with self-service technology that’s easy to wipe down between guests so customers rest easy, but still have the option for self-service when they dine out.

When you invest in a Self-Service Kiosk designed by eatOS, you’ll reduce your operational costs almost instantly, encourage customer loyalty with an improved guest experience, and foster a more successful business overall as a result. While our Kiosk can function on its own, it also directly integrates with advanced Point of Sale systems to create a seamless experience from start to finish, from when customers first walk in all the way to their final transaction.

Why delay improving your business’s functionality and profitability? Book a demo with eatOS and we’ll show you how our Self-Service Kiosk integrates with your restaurant, and bring your business into the future of food service management.

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