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Can the Right Point of Sale Help Your Café?

Cafés, like everyone in foodservice, benefit greatly from Point of Sale systems that improve the overall efficiency of the business and streamline operations so that day-to-day management is easier to handle and more profitable, too.

Cloud-based PoS systems, like the one powered by eatOS, handles a lot of your workload automatically so you can focus on growth and providing better customer service. Our technology will connect your team members and seamlessly integrate all the devices on your network into one accessible screen. Management has never been simpler.

How can we optimize your business?

eatOS Point of Sale makes the average customer experience run smoother than ever before. Seamless guest experiences improves customer loyalty and strengthens your relationship with each and every person who patronizes your café.

PoS integration also makes communication between front- and back-of-house automatic and informative. When servers can instantly submit orders to the kitchen, tables get their meals faster which speeds up table turn time, letting you seat more guests throughout the day.

Is eatOS payment processing better?

Safe and secure transactions that work with a variety of payment processors let you take any kind of credit card, so you never have to turn down a sale. Our system also provides paper-free receipts so you can save money, help the environment and get a chance to add customers to your database if they choose to enter their email address or phone number to receive the receipt online.

Self-service payments with our Kiosks or tabletop devices give customers control of the transaction from start to finish, so they can take their time and leave whenever they’re ready without having to wait in line at the counter and hand their card off to a third party, which increases the risk of identity theft or comprised information. Payment has never been safer.

How do customer relationships improve?

eatOS offers individualized QR codes for your business that links customers directly to your website or online menu, so they can make touch-free payments with ease. Contact-free ordering and payment is the latest trend in food service because customers like the control, speed and convenience of self-service.

Does it improve business decisions?

Real-time reporting capabilities let you stay on top of your sales as they’re happening. Use that information to analyze and optimize your operations. Update your menu according to best-selling items, view trends in your profits and make alterations accordingly.

Sales data and instantaneous reporting are only strengthened by cloud technology. eatOS devices can still take orders if your network goes offline, and all that information automatically syncs back to the cloud when the café is up and running again so you never miss a beat.

Can it help grow this operation?

Advanced Point of Sale systems optimize operations. They save space physically and technologically; avoid clunky backroom storage systems and store everything up in the cloud, where you can access your information remotely and don’t have to worry about physical theft.

eatOS Point of Sale takes up less physical space than traditional systems too. You pretty much only need room for a printer, cash drawer and screen—that’s it. Have more counter space for other necessities and minimize the physical devices needed to run your business.

At eatOS, we connect your employees to each other as well as all of your devices to one terminal. This culminates in smoother operations and a more efficient workflow. We speed up all aspects of the business to maximize your bottom line and provide the most pleasant customer experience possible. With streamlined efficiency and a seamlessly connected team, your café will run better than ever with eatOS Point of Sale.

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