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Beverage Dispensers: Next in Restaurant Automation?

Restaurants found new solutions for all kinds of problems they never experienced before last year. During the pandemic, social distance became a necessity. Contactless dining options prevailed, and in fact, became so popular that customers still prefer automation now during the recovery period. While delivery and takeout quickly developed touch-free options, restaurant technology is still advancing. In the latest display of automation, even beverage dispensers can work via robot now.

This development comes from Miso Robotics, a company that previously came out with a burger-flipping robot called Flippy. They partnered with Lancer Worldwide, a food and beverage manufacturing company, for this venture.

The Arrival of Automated Beverage Dispensers

restaurant beverage dispensers

Photo by Masahiro Naruse on Unsplash

These are specifically aimed at QSRs who are hurting from the pandemic, trying to adjust to delivery, and contending with the labor shortage too. Speed, efficiency and self-service have become key influences in whether or not customers choose your establishment to dine in. On top of that, people are intrigued by cutting-edge technology that improves their experience. Automated beverage dispensers are a cool and convenient device for struggling QSRs.

These connect to your existing Point of Sale system to keep track of sales and inventory. Your drink sales get calculated through the same channels as the rest of your orders so you can estimate profit, when to restock and accurate order tracking. These beverage dispensers are smart enough to time when the rest of a guest’s order is finished, thereby serving drinks along with the rest of the meal every time. Synchronizing POS channels also provides more accurate reports so you can make better budgeting decisions.

How These Beverage Dispensers Work

They are designed to work along with the rest of your operations. They can differentiate between pour sizes, and then make and seal the drinks before passing them on to a staff member. Someone human still gives it to a customer, but the staff can put their focus on what really needs their time: food and customer-facing tasks.

Automated beverage dispensers prioritize faster order turnaround which promotes guest satisfaction. Not only will you never miss another drink, but the time it takes to pour every order really adds up over the course of a day.

What’s Next for Restaurant Automation?

While these beverage dispensers are promising, widespread popularity may be a long way off still. As of right now, Miso Robotics is piloting their product at White Castle. Although restaurants across the country likely won’t have access to the same tech for a while, it just goes to show what the future of automation holds.

Consider investing in new restaurant tech that works for your business’s specific needs. Maybe you need better communication between the front and back of house. Maybe you notice that you tend to have slow nights every Tuesday, and want to launch a new marketing campaign to generate sales. Protect the future health of your business with technological solutions that offer flexibility for whatever challenges the industry greets next. eatOS provides a smart Point of Sale system designed with your long-term success in mind.

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