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Benefits of an All-in-One Restaurant Ordering System

It’s 2021 and no matter what kind of food service business you run, whether QSRs or fine dining, your best customers are getting increasingly used to the ease of online ordering. The more accustomed they become with the familiarity of a system that lets them order their favorite lunch in just a few clicks, the more obvious it gets why this trend isn’t going away, even once the pandemic ends.

Online ordering solutions have been on the rise for several years, but contactless tech like digital menus you can peruse and order off of right from your phone has really experienced a particularly large boon this year. As a result, restaurants all over are turning to delivery and pickup options to boost sales lost by dine-in services. There’s no better way to do that than investing in smarter Point of Sale technology.

Restaurant Ordering System

A Better Way to Deliver

When restaurants first realize that they need to come up with a smart solution to make more revenue, they inevitably see how vital delivery is in a new world that prioritizes social distance and sanitation. Although some restaurants take to third party platforms like Grubhub or Postmates thanks to the ease of set-up and automatic exposure to a wider market, others find that their hefty commission fees are unsustainable in the long run, particularly because of restrictions impacting dine-in services where they make most of their revenue.

Instead, more and more restaurants are turning to Point of Sale systems directly integrated with online ordering platforms. When you sign up with eatOS, we offer a personalized, branded merchant app and intuitive online ordering platform without any hidden fees or commissions.

Take back greater control of the entire process, from order submission to the meal actually arriving at the customers’ door. Third parties are an extra middleman taking away a vital customer touchpoint. Instead, ensure you get to manage what little face time restaurants do get with patrons and simultaneously give them incredible benefits that will drive repeated sales.

Online Ordering Can Save Your Restaurant

Investing in a PoS that integrates this software will speed up how quickly orders go to the Kitchen Display Screen thus hastening turnover, establishing a better-organized queue and providing station routing capabilities. All of this equals happier and thus more loyal customers. From your end, you’ll see benefits like:

  1. A better reputation with your customers thanks in large part to lower wait times and self-ordering capabilities. Give them time to browse the menu, add everything they want and pay securely at their leisure, increasing order accuracy too.

  2. Get higher average ticket sizes with automatic modification prompts that encourage guests to increase portions or add a drink without fear of judgment, in addition to the allure of high-def pictures and mouthwatering descriptions that they take their time reading over.

  3. Integrated rewards programs increase guest loyalty and encourage them to come back to you instead of a competitor with the goal of reaching a free dessert or promo code.

  4. Guest profiles make it easy for them to reorder favorite meals with just a few clicks, while automatically gathering customer data to inform your future marketing strategies. Key details about consumer preferences, your busiest hours and more all shape targeted advertising, brand voice on social media and direct outreach strategies.

Simultaneously PoS integrated with online ordering channels enable staff members to expend more focus on the customer experience—particularly for those risking dine-in service during limited capacity restriction. Get to know what makes them venture out to see you, and you can be sure to give them more of what they want.

Online Ordering

As for you and your managerial staff, there’s other business to attend to and you need the most up-to-date sales information for key budgeting decisions that will affect the health of the business moving forward. With access to sales trends over time and how well previous changed guided profit, you’re equipped to make smarter choices and continually grow.

Whatever your ultimate goal is, whether you want to own a whole franchise or just pour as much heart into your family business as possible, the way to achieve those ends is Point of Sale systems powered by smart technology like eatOS that can integrate online ordering platforms that guarantee you the profits. This year, join the modern consumer firmly in the digital world of food service. See what eatOS Point of Sale can do for you. 

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