• Maya

Benefits of a Customer-Facing Display

As the name suggests, a Customer-Facing Display is a digital screen allowing patrons to instantly see their orders and confirm them. It also includes menu items and prices at many others. A customer display can accurately improve the customer experience. It is because guests can see the details of their order, ultimately helping avoid confusion, mistakes, and delays.

Moreover, a customer-facing display is a screen – either a monitor or a tablet – that allows you to display itemized orders and payment information to your customers at the point of sale. Compared to a self-ordering kiosk, the customer does not interact with any information on the customer-facing display screen or press buttons. It uses visual confirmation. The fantastic technological breakthrough can also be customized to your restaurant’s specific branding. It provides customers additional information on unique features such as promotions, restaurant reward programs, new products, etc.

Furthermore, customer-facing displays are most commonly used by limited-service restaurants. Most of them are fast, casual, and fast food venues. It is maybe because they can be displayed on the counter where the customer places and pays for their order. For example, in some states, including California, you may be required to display prices visually. So it is essential to check with local authorities and laws to determine customer-facing displays’ compliance policy.

Below are some essential ways virtually every limited-service restaurant can benefit from a POS customer display system:

1. Improves the Customer Experience

One of the most important benefits of a point-of-sale display is the impact on the customer experience. The transparency provides to its customers is precious and significant. So it is because it assures them that they will receive exactly what they ordered and how much they’ll be paying for it, and other information can go a long way in establishing trust between your staff and your customers.

2. Avoid return/exchange

It makes the customers aware of their list of orders and notice errors, and makes changes before placing them to pay. Usually, customers seek a refund or exchange for various reasons, especially. For example, individuals could be short on cash or make mistakes when selecting products. A customer display ensures they can review their choice of foods, thus reducing the return/exchange possibilities.

3. Increase customer engagement

Many times, retailers put commercials on customer-facing displays. They are intended to draw customers’ attention to a promotion, such as forthcoming seasonal or loyalty program deals, new menus, and special events. Even though waiting for payment is tedious, a humorous and imaginative banner may brighten clients’ moods. They’ll also remember your promotions for a more extended period.

4. Decrease Negative Reviews

Considering the power of digital technology. It is more accessible for someone to write negative reviews online. It is customers’ way of showing their dissatisfaction with a restaurant. Miscommunication in many ways can be provided, without a customer-facing display system. Online reviews can either build or break your restaurant. One negative comment will tarnish your business reputation and affect your sales.

5. Boost Tips

Because touchscreen customer-facing displays simplify for your employees to provide accurate and efficient service, your customer satisfaction levels increase, and so may the tips they leave for your employees. Plus, the touchscreen displays preset information amounts that customers can click instantly—or they can type in a custom amount right on the screen.

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