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Behind Google’s Waitlist Feature for Restaurants

The Age of Automated Restaurants

The restaurant industry needs automation. Why? Because customers order online all the time. Managers use POS software capable of doing its own payroll and accounting. Artificial intelligence plays a bigger role in food service than ever before with customer-facing technology, auto-modifications, voice ordering and more. Customers can Google restaurants and order delivery without leaving the search engine. Now the mega-corporation is taking it a step further by adding guests to the waitlist.

As a test feature, some users will be able to make reservations through Google. Indoor dining is rising powerfully, taking some of the audience away from takeout. Companies like this are adapting to where their users are headed next.

google waitlist for restaurants

Behind Google Waitlist

Their dedicated A.I. processing technology powers the waitlist. It collects customers’ input and calls the restaurant to relay their order and information. Although some businesses mistake this for an automated spam call, it’s generally a useful way for guests to self-order delivery at restaurants that don’t provide more convenient avenues to do so, like a branded online ordering platform.

This was both cutting-edge and critical when pickup and delivery took off in 2020 and continued to skyrocket throughout 2021. Now its growth is finally tempering in speed, with sales for dine-in seating rising again. Google’s waitlist feature could smooth the transition for restaurants since it’s the same system they use for takeout. Reservations and waitlist features like this are great for organizing an influx of customers excited to dine out again.

How Customers Use the Waitlist

It’s designed to be very easy for guests to make reservations at their favorite spots. The best part is that they don’t have to wait around to get connected over the phone, because automation takes over.

  1. Look up the restaurant you want to dine at, either on Maps or the search function.

  2. Click on the button that reads, “Request to join waitlist.”

  3. Enter your party size and the maximum time you want to stay on hold.

  4. Wait for Google Assistant to call the restaurant. They’ll text you updates about whether or not they could secure a spot for your party at the requested time.

Since they have your account information saved, Google Assistant can automatically fill in the restaurant with important details like your name and number without you pressing a single button.

The Future of A.I. Technology

Alongside food service, many purchases are made through artificial intelligence. From buying a cheap plane ticket to ordering dinner, this technology is growing in popularity. With advancements like the waitlist features being tested by Google, it follows that this sector will continue to progress, especially as customers get more and more comfortable using its capabilities to their advantage.

Convenience, flexibility and automation are critically important to the food service industry. Customers prefer self-ordering, and restaurants have an easier time managing their guest relationships thanks to A.I. technology. It starts with a smart Point of Sale system capable of handling the influx of orders coming into your restaurant, both online and in person.


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