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Are Self-Service Kiosks Right for You?

When it comes to efficiently running a restaurant, finding a capable workforce is no joke. Labor expenses are a huge cost of doing business because of turnover, training and payroll. The next time you’re looking to grow your customer base, consider turning to restaurant self service kiosk instead of hiring extra hands.

These devices give you a competitive edge; customers prefer the accuracy and efficiency of completing the order on their own. You can’t beat the convenience of working on your own time, at your own pace. The more guests trend toward self-ordering capabilities, the more the industry will find these devices commonplace.

Self-Service Kiosks

Why do Restaurants Want Self-Service Kiosks?

Devices powered by eatOS don’t just increase operational efficiency, but bolster profit margins by decreasing your overall labor expenses. Consider what you pay an hourly employee for a full day’s shift. In less than a week, you make back what you spent and then some; Self-Service Kiosks have great ROI.

They don’t just save money, but generate more too. Self-Service Kiosks eliminate human error, especially when paired with Kitchen Displays that send orders digitally to the back of the house, rather than printing paper tickets that can get lost or damaged. Guests are also more inclined to fill their tickets with extra portions and sides with self-ordering, too.

This frees your servers up to spend time on quality customer service. They can help people having trouble with the technology or just spend time chatting to deepen relationships with your most loyal guests. Not only will you learn more about them, so as to create better-targeted marketing campaigns, but this also gives the waiters a chance to upsell and make suggestions about what to eat.

Connect to Your POS

A good technological ecosystem connects all the smart devices on the network to provide real-time reports about all your different sales channels. eatOS Self-Service Kiosks work with any kind of small business, whether you’re a QSR, fast-casual restaurant, brewery or anything in-between. We streamline service and support customer satisfaction even as you grow. Our devices are built with the flexibility to scale with your business.

Self-Service Kiosks connected to a POS system have the additional benefit of building customer profiles that collect sales data to tell you what and when they buy the most. Not only does that let you market more effectively, but you can also use our smart Point of Sale to optimize your menu. Menu engineering increases sales by rearranging items on the page to draw customers’ eyes toward certain dishes, adding high-resolution pictures, and spicing up your descriptions. Use your sales data to figure out which dishes could use some extra exposure.

Customer profiles also connect directly with your loyalty program to personalize their experience, incentivize repeat visits, and stay on top of trends by tracking sales data.

Self-Service Kiosks

Self-Service Kiosks and the Workforce

When it comes to upgrading your restaurant technology, you don’t have to choose between man and machine. They should work together to create a better, more streamlined customer experience. While your guests spend time with the Self-Service Kiosks, your servers can hang out on the floor talking to their tables and getting to know what your best customers want from their experience.


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