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Applying for Licenses and Permits

When you’re getting ready to open your first restaurant, or expanding the one you currently own to a second location, you’ll need to apply for all of the necessary licenses and permits that allow you to operate off that premises, serve food, use the parking lot, provide alcohol and more.

The exact paperwork you need to file varies depending on the city and state where you base your operations. These licenses can take a long time to process so you should fill out the applications as soon as possible to avoid any complications or delays.

When you think about necessary permits, major ones like food vendor’s permit probably come to mind first. Even permits like that, which every business that serves food must acquire, the specifics still vary as dictated by local and state governments.

A few other licenses you’ll might also need include:

  1. Business license

  2. Parking permits

  3. Sign permits

  4. Alcohol permit

  5. Music license

  6. Certificate of occupancy


Check out the specific license requirements in your district. You’ll also need to ensure that you comply with other state regulations such as proper ventilation for the kitchens. Research specific requirements for your state and city now; it’s easier to build your restaurant the right way than to try and make alterations once you’re already up and running.

If you fill out and send in all of the necessary applications early, you can address any missing paperwork or potential issues that might occur before they get worse. Addressing the legalities of business ahead of time helps you avoid future delays and ensures that you can launch as planned and without a hitch. Take care of the legal side of owning a business now, so you can focus instead on making your restaurant as great as possible.

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