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Advancing Employee Performance

Streamlining employee performance helps maintain the same positive customer experience for every guest who dines at your restaurant. Staff should meet the same standard no matter who’s on shift, what management team works that night or if the owner oversees.

Advanced Point of Sale systems do just that. With a technological ecosystem that works to benefit all your employees, operations will never run smoother. Still, even the best tech is only as good as those who use it. To guarantee your restaurant always runs at peak efficiency, train your workforce well. Savvier staff get more out of the POS, and an optimized POS improves employee performance in return.

Improving Employee Performance

Your POS system should keep track of all sales and other relevant information each night. Thus your employees need to know how to use it and even troubleshoot possible mix-ups. During a busy rush, you don’t want the machines going down with no one around who knows how to fix them—especially if your vendor doesn’t offer 24/7 support. Mistakes with the devices lead to a lot of wrong orders, short drawers and customer complaints. Dissatisfied reviews mean that you need to identify what’s going wrong and train more effectively in that area.

You save time and money when you streamline labor too; it’s not just bolstering customer satisfaction.

  1. Avoid so many comped meals.

  2. Monitor inventory to see where you’re over- or understocking, reducing food waste.

  3. Intuitive interface makes employee turnover less expensive.

  4. Reduce labor expenses with self-service technology like Kiosks.

  5. Order accuracy and turnaround support guest satisfaction, which increases their chances of coming back. Repeat patrons spend more on average than new ones, which is why customer retention is so important.

A good POS analyzes your sales data and automatically generates reports so you get a better handle on your budget. For example, have you ever noticed that Wednesday nights are slow? Maybe start a promotion to increase wing sales on that day. Do customer complaints ratchet up on Saturday afternoons? Talk to your servers; maybe you’re understaffed then.

The Best of POS Systems

You’ll also reduce errors across all aspects of your operation when you join the future of restaurant technology.

  1. Orders are more accurate when they go straight to the Kitchen Display Screen as soon as they’re inputted by servers.

  2. Track sales and profit to guarantee accounting is correct.

  3. Anticipate budgetary needs with inventory tracking so you know when you need to restock or if your ingredients are going to waste.

Automating certain processes reduces labor expenses overall, as well. This complements the ability to predict traffic on a daily or weekly basis which makes for smarter scheduling decisions. eatOS is integrated with 7Shifts to give you the best software for creating streamlined schedules in much less time.

Workforce Management

In addition to reducing your manual workload, your staff will have an easier time with the schedule too. 7Shifts lets them swap shifts online without a supervisor’s approval, so your management team has more time to focus on their jobs behind the scenes and servers still get time off when they need it.

eatOS Point of Sale also comes with prep station routing to improve employee performance in the back of the house. Tickets go to the right area of the kitchen to hasten order turnaround. This is helped along by our POS’s seamless connectivity which connects all the devices in your network within the same technological ecosystem.

Also get extra features like:

  1. Multi-lingual support so all of your employees can operate the system in their native tongue.

  2. Our kitchen touch screens, built to withstand the high heat of the back-of-house.

  3. Save on printing costs when you go digital. This helps you, the environment and appeals to green-conscious consumers.

For optimal employee performance, you need a strong Point of Sale system. Streamlining your workforce is especially important as restaurants contend with the pandemic and turn to new untried sales channels as a result. Get the best in the business, for all your needs, with eatOS.

Advancing Employee Performance

Photo courtesy of eatOS.

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